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Question: What is the origin of the surname "Richey"!?
also spelled RichieWww@QuestionHome@Com

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Richey Name Meaning and History
German: from a short form of a Germanic personal name based on ric ‘power(ful)’ (see Reich*), or from the female personal name Rikheit, from ric + suffix -heit ‘way of being’!.
Possibly an Americanized spelling of German Reiche or Ritsche (see Ritchey 2)!.
English and northern Irish: variant spelling of Ritchie**!.

Reich Name Meaning and History
German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): nickname for a wealthy or powerful man, from Middle High German rich ‘of noble descent’, ‘powerful’, ‘rich’, German reich ‘rich’!.
German: from a short form of a personal name containing the Old High German element rihhi ‘power’, ‘might’!.

**Ritchie Name Meaning and History
Scottish: from a pet form of the personal name Rich, a short form of Richard!.

http://www!.familysearch!.org has these varied spellings: RITCHIE ; RICHIE; RITCHY ; RICHEY; RICHY ; RECHIE ; RITCHIEE ; REICHA* ;
Listings are in the US; England, Scotland, Ireland , Canada, India, China, France, Denmark, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Czechoslavkia*,
and even births "At Sea!."Www@QuestionHome@Com