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Question: Where was Hodsells in Parish of Wivelsfield about 1900!?
This was address of an ancestor in 1861 censusWww@QuestionHome@Com

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Do you mean Hodsoll with an O not with an E!?

There's a Hodsoll Street in Wivelsfield, I believe it was named after a very old family what use to farm the land there!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Wivelsfield, if you mean the one in Sussex, was only a small village so Hodsells is just the address not a separate district!. If there is only one household under the address it was most likely the name of a house or farm, if there are several it would have been the name of a lane!. I think often cottages became known by the name of the families who owned or built them before the system of house numbers and roads!. Hodsells is found as a surname in the South of England, rather than a place name!. Wivelsfield village has a website and they have a local history study group who might be able to tell you more: