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Question: What information is provided on a Florida death certificate!?
I am doing some genealogy research for my husband!. I have been unable to find any family names or information prior to his great grandfather!. However, I can order his great grandfather's death certificate from the state of Florida for a fee and was just wondering what kind of information is provided on these certificates!. Will the names of his great grandfather's parents be listed!?

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Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
The names of the deceased persons parents will be listed, but only if the spouse/nearest of kin knew their names and supplied the information to the hospital/coroner/attending physician!.

Even if the parents names are not on the death certificate, there may be other valuable genealogy information on it, which will justify the cost:
Full name, dates and places of birth and death, time of death, occupation, address, cause of death, mothers maiden name, nearest relatives signature, level of education, funeral home in charge of arrangements, place of burial, the name of the doctor who signed it!.

My sister died in Florida, in 1942!. The doctor put the wrong death date on my sisters death certificate and misspelled her last name!.
The death certificate reflects she died 1 month after she was buried!.

My dad died in Florida, in 1989, and his death certificate is more detailed than my sisters, showing cause of death as a heart attack and that he also had colon cancer!.
This is valuable information for compiling a family medical history!.

My advice is, buy the death certificate!.
Sometimes the smallest clue, becomes the biggest clue!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

If they are from Florida and died in Florida, yes his great grandfather's parents' names were listed!. Most information that has been provided in a death certificate will also the information be provided on a Florida death certificate!. i hope it helpsWww@QuestionHome@Com