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Question: I WISH I HADNT SEEN THIS!.!. question about great grandmother!.!.!?
HI ALL!.!.!. So I got back from the movies w/ my friend Shanyalla a little bit ago and my great grandmother was making us grilled cheeses!.!. well, I walked into the kitchen to grab two sodas!.!. and saw my great grandmother cooking!.!.


She was bald!.!. bald bald bald!!!! NOT ONE HAIR ON HER HEAD!!! Her hair was NEXT to her!.!. ON THE COUNTER!!! SHE WEARS A WIG!!!!

I am really upset and never knew this!.!. so I slapped her and called her a rotten pig!!!! I cant believe she made me blieve she had hair all this time!!!!.!.!. to make matters worse Shanyalla is the most popular girl at school and saw all of this and is going to tell EVERYONE about my BALD GREAT GRANDMOTHER!.!.!. i hate life so much right now :(Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Be thankful your GREAT-grandmother is still alive to cook you a freakin' grilled cheese sandwich!! Good Lord--where did respect for your elders go!?!? I just wish my GRANDMOTHER was still here!. You have to understand something--the majority of us are born bald and we will die bald!. HAIR does NOT make the person, it is what is inside them that counts and what you should look at--their kindness, love for you and your family, etc!. If I ever once TRIED slapping my grandmother or calling her names, I'd have been picking myself up from the floor!.
Like one of the answers said, maybe she had an illness that caused her hair loss (like cancer, maybe!?!?) !. If Shanyalla is any type of friend at all, she won't tell anybody and even if she does, you don't need friends like that anyway!. Maybe HER grandmother is bald, too!.
PS You just hate life so much right now because a "dreaded family secret" was found out!. Six months from now you won't even remember!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

There is seriously something wrong with your priorities!.

You SLAPPED your great-grandma and you're WORRIED about that people will talk about her wig!? What makes you think it's ok to slap and insult family, let alone someone decades older than you and is taking care of you when she doesn't have to!? You should be thanking your great-grandma on bended knees, not slapping her around!.

Holy crap, what have the world come to!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Are you ******* serious!?! I think everyone in school would be making fun of the fact you disrespected someone that made you alive!.

How could you be so self centered!?!? It's your great grandmother, she's been alive for a very long time!.
Who the **** cares if she's bald!. I wouldn't if mine was, and I wouldn't care if my Grandma weighed five thousand pounds either!. You need help!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

You need to respect your grandmother and not hurt her like you did!. Perhaps she had an illness or underwent great stress which caused hair loss!.

If Shanyalla is a true friend, she will not spread it around!. It seems like this is just a matter of popularity to you rather than loving family relations!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Respect your elders and accept them as they are! you are talking about your grand maa - hence you cant compare her with Hollywood stars!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Good one, but you posted it twice!. I wanna see some new material :-)Www@QuestionHome@Com

You need a new tin foil hat, Cheese Doodle!. The mutant brainwave disruptor is getting through your old one, making you ask stupid questions, sometimes multiple times:

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