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Question: A good free place to trace a family tree!?
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The best site is


this is a subscription site, if you would prefer to start with a free site then try





good luck and good huntingWww@QuestionHome@Com

The best place without a doubt!. Is the Mormons in Utah!. They are crazy about family history (as they call it) they have the worlds largest data base on it and it is all 100% free to use and access!. You don't have to be mormon to use it either!. They help you do research and find out all sorts of cool stuff!. They can provide documention of their research as well!. Here is a link http://www!.lds!.org/ldsorg/v/index!.jsp!?vg!.!.!.

you can download a free program and get free support on it!. They have people who it is their sole purpose it to help strangers find their family trees!.

I couldn't believe that amount of information they have!. They have people there all the time!. In alot of the areas you can go to their meeting houses and they will send books and papers to you from where ever they are!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Doug is right, but you don't have to go to Salt Lake!.Look in your phone book under Churches > Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!. Look there for "Family History Centers"!. There should be one in your county!. It will have some computers with lightning-fast connections, and, more importantly, volunteers who will be thrilled to help you!.

Expect it to take 100 - 300 hours to get back to 1850 on most of your lines if you are a white, non-Hispanic american!. If you are black, you'll dead end in 1870!. If you are Hispanic, you'll probably dead end when your ancestors came to the USA, which may be 1776, 1876 or 1976!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

The best website is not free but your public library might have a subscription to it you can use!.

None touches Ancestry!.Com for the amount of original source records they have online!. They have all the U!.S!. censuses through 1930!. The 1940 and later are not available to the public yet!.
I know they have U!.K!. censuses through 1901!. It seems like some posters say the 1911 is now available but I am not sure if it is at ancestry!.Com!.

Ancestry!.Com has military,land, immigration and other records!. They have indexes to vital records(birth,marriage and death) of many U!.S!. states!. Thy have transcribed the records but you can view the original!. There are errors in their transcriptions, particularly censuses, but when you view the original you can have great pity on the transcribers!.

Not all records are online but the ones that are will save you time and money traveling all over to courthouses, libraries, cemeteries etc getting the information!.

Any website that only has family trees are not worth a single copper, unless you are willing to verify the information with documentation!.

Just be very very careful about family trees!. They are subscriber submitted!. They are seldom documented or poorly documented!. You will frequently see different info on the same people from different subscribers!. Then you will see the absolute same info on the same people from different subscribers, but you would be foolish if you think that means it is accurate!. A lot of people copy without verifying!.

You can make up an entirely fictitious family tree and it will be accepted by genealogy websites!. Actually, if you disagree with something someone else has on one of your family members, the websites will tell you that is between you and the other subscriber!.

I found out that I am dead!. also my sister and brother-in-law are also dead!. This came from a tree where someone had almost 150,000 names in their family tree!. Some people are more interested in getting as many names as possible and don't care whether they have a good verifiable family tree!. She had so much wrong info on my family, it is unbelievable!. There are people with my family name in New Jersey and they have a lot of info on them on websites!. There was one person with my exact name!. Of course, she had different parents!. Ifeel somehow the subscriber picked up info that that person was dead and wasn't intelligent enough to know there can be more than one person with the same exact name!.

The first thing you should do is get as much info from living family as possible!. Talk to your seniors and tape them if they will let you!. They might be confused on some things but people who do this say they go back and listen to the tape again after doing research and hear things they didn't hear the first time around!.

Find out if any has any old family bibles!. Ask to see and make copies of birth, marriage and death certificates!.!. Depending on the religious faith, baptismal, first communion, confirmation and marriage certificates form their church can be very helpful!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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