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Question: How do i find out who lived in McKinney, Texas in 1851!?
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Took digging through ePodunk and a few links!. McKinney was established in 1841 and became the county seat in 1848!. In 1850 the population was 1,950!. The 1850 census would be your best bet, although there's nothing to say people didn't move or die between the census date and the following year!.

The Denton Family History Center (LDS branch) and the North Texas History Center may be able to help you locate other records!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Contact the public library for the phone number of the local historical society or genealogy society!.

http://www!.rootsweb!.com is a free Q&A forum, owned by ancestry!.com!.
A lot of ancestry subscribers use it to share and collect information!.
Post the names of the individuals you are looking for and perhaps, someone will be kind enough to check the 1850 Census records for you!.
List as much info as possible; full names (if you know them), dates and places of birth, death, marriage, spouse, children, parents, siblings, occupation, whatever you have!.
Sometimes, the smallest clue can become the best clue!.
Don't forget to search the message boards!.

It's a long shot, but try http://www!.findagrave!.com, a free site!.
Simply register as a contributor to view their records!.
Cemeteries are listed by the county, not the city/town!.
The information is submitted by volunteers, so every grave may not be

Your best start is with the Public Library in McKinney!. They may carry the town's old records, or tell you to write to the town Clerk!.


I think you can find the relevant census on


if you are looking for a specific family then you could also try


Good luck and good huntingWww@QuestionHome@Com

Go to a Family History Center, find someone who has an Ancestry subscription, ask them to look up the 1850 census!.Www@QuestionHome@Com