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Question: How can you find out where someone is burried!?
or whether they were burried or crematedWww@QuestionHome@Com

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UK answer!.
If you are asking this question about a burial in the UK, you would need a date of death, and a rough idea as to which city the person died in!. I would then phone the cemeteries in the city, give them the name and date of death, if the burial took place there they will give you the grave details or in the case of a cremation the undertakers name who dealt with the funeral!. If you don't have a date of death then you will most likely be charged a search fee, here in Nottingham it's £25!.
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In the US, many jurisdictions have to specify on the death certificate the final disposition of the body!. Not all the details, perhaps, but at least the name of the funeral home taking care of it!. From there you can contact the funeral home and have them check their records!.

So your first task is to find the death certificate!. If you know place and date of death, it's easy: get in touch with the county's Hall of Records!. (Most have a Web presence, if only a phone number and address!.)

They will have fees and things, but for a non-certified copy, it usually won't be too expensive, although if it's a big county, with lots of records, the search fee may be as much as the fee for the copy -- and for archival purposes, you might as well have it certified if the prices are close!.

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Unless you put it in your question, we can't tell what country you are in!. It is the most frustrating thing Yahoo does!. It doesn't matter if you go into domestic (USA) Yahoo, Yahoo UK, Yahoo Australia, Yahoo India, etc!., all of the questions in English go into one big "pot"!.

I suspect you are in the UK from "Wonky Moo" and the cute little straw hat!. We don't use "Wonk" in the US!. You might be an anglophile, so - If the person in question is in the USA, he/she might be on findagrave!.com!.Www@QuestionHome@Com