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Question: Where does the surname Martyniuk originate!? !?
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It was originally from a land called "East Prussia"!. That would include everything from Warsaw to Kiev and countries that we now call Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and Poland!. The map changed after both WWI and WWII, so countries that never existed back then have emerged and countries that existed then no longer appear on the map!. But the ending "IUK" is heavily centered in Lithuania and spreads out from there!. Russia, Poland, Germany and Austria-Hungary used to split up that turf everytime they had a war!. So lines on maps changed more than the king's socks!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I did not find a meaning exactly but the name seems to originated in the Ukraine!. I did find old families of Martyniuk living in Zastawana, Bukowina, Ukraine!. (this was from 1869)!. as well as other Martyniuk whose origins were from the Ukraine!.
Ancestry,com lists many of that name livig in Canada, (Alberta and Saskatchewan among others) as well as in the United States (Wyoming, Michigan,Illinois, West Virginia, New York and New Jersey)!.
also, the religion listed for several of them was Greek Orthodox, which also points to a Russina/Ukraine origin!.
However, I did also find them in Poland and Romania but I feel they were probably originally from the Ukraine area!. Alternate spellings may include: Martyniuk, Martyniukj

Hope this helpsWww@QuestionHome@Com