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Question: What time period is the name edward from!?
please dont say 21st centuryWww@QuestionHome@Com

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It doesn't go back to the Bible, like Matthew or John, but it has a long history:


English (also Polish in this spelling): from an Old English personal name composed of the elements ead prosperity, riches, fortune + weard guard!. This has been one of the most successful of all Old English names, surviving from before the Conquest to the present day, and even being exported into other European languages!. It was the name of three Anglo-Saxon kings and has been borne by eight kings of England since the Norman Conquest!. It is also the name of the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II!. Undoubtedly the most influential bearer was King Edward the Confessor (!?1002–66; ruled 1042–66;)!. In a troubled period of English history, he contrived to rule fairly and (for a time at any rate) firmly!. But in the latter part of his reign he paid more attention to his religion than to his kingdom!. He died childless, and his death sparked off conflicting claims to his throne, which were resolved by the victory of William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings!. His memory was honoured by Normans and English alike, for his fairness and his piety!. Edward's mother was Norman; he had spent part of his youth in Normandy; and William claimed to have been nominated by Edward as his successor!. Edward was canonized in the 12th century, and came to be venerated throughout Europe as a model of a Christian king!.

Derivatives: Scottish Gaelic: Eideard; Eudard (a dialectal variant)!. French: édouard!. Italian: Edoardo!. Spanish: Eduardo!. Portuguese: Duarte!. German: Eduard (influenced by the French form)!. Scandinavian: Edvard!. Finnish: Eetu!. Czech: Eduard, Edvard!. Russian: Edvard!.
Short forms: English: Ed, Ned, Ted!.

Pet form: English: Eddie!.

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