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Question: How far back is an N+1 generation!? what is an Nth cousin!?
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Someone has been trying to save keystrokes!.

You could say

"Children of first cousins are second cousins!.
Children of second cousins are third cousins!.
Children of third cousins are fourth cousins
and so on,"

or you could say

"Children of Nth cousns are Nth+1 cousins"

The second way is shorter to type and harder to understand!. It doesn't help that "To the Nth degree" is a slang term for "Utmost"!. The "Nth" in "Nth Cousin" is not the same as "Nth" in "Nth degree"!.

In general, "N" is a number and "N+1" is a number that is one more than N!.

"N" can be 1, 2, 3, 4 !. !. !.
"Nth" can be first, second, third !. !. !.

One form of those numbers is called "ordinal" and one is "cardinal", but I've forgotten which is which, or why you would name numbers after a bird!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

N stands for the unknown number or a number to be determined!. It is like an unknown in algebra!. Nth cousin is a cousin where the number of ancestors to the common ancestor is unknown, or to be determined!. And N+1 is that number plus one generation, or the number needed to determine the kinship!.Www@QuestionHome@Com