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Question: I know we are all cousins many times over!. what is the closest relation in terms of cousin hood!?
we are all at least 50th cousins and many time over!. what are we at our closest!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Um I'm pretty sure that the closest cuzin u can hv is ur 1st cuzin, right!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

children born to the same parents are siblings!.
Persons born to the same grandparents are first cousins, which is the "closest" in terms of cousins!.
All solid genealogy DEPENDS ON having valid records to prove any relationship!. I don't accept the comment/statement re everyone being "at least 50th cousins"!.!. for the simple reason, that there is nothing to prove this as being truth!. Anthropologists, etc!. work from a different perspective and with different sets of standards!.
I am not saying it is truth or false!. What I am explaining is that it isn't PROVABLE!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

1st cousins are closest because you share a grandparent!.
6th cousins share 5th Great-Grandparents (gggggg-grandparent)

relationships as sentences
Reminder: the closest relationship prevails — note that cousinship is not calculated between individuals when one is descended from the other; for example, two individuals are not called cousins if they are any degree of grandparent, parent or child!. also, cousinship is not calculated between individuals of any degree of aunt/uncle and nephew/niece relationship to each other!.

If we share the same parents we are siblings
If we share grandparents but have different parents we are first cousins
If we share great grandparents but have different grandparents we are second cousins
If we share great-great grandparents but have different great grandparents we are third cousins

My parent's sibling is my Aunt / Uncle
My grandparent's sibling is my grandaunt / granduncle or great aunt /uncle
My sibling's child is my Nephew / Niece
My sibling's grandchild is my grandnephew / grandniece

My first cousin's child and I are first cousins once removed (one generation difference between us)
My first cousin's grandchild and I are first cousins twice removed (two generations difference between us)

My parent's first cousin and I are first cousins once removed (one generation difference between us)
My grandparent's first cousin and I are first cousins twice removed (two generations difference between us)

(See http://en!.wikipedia!.org/wiki/Family_rela!.!.!. for other examples)

If a pair of siblings from one family each form a couple with a pair of siblings from another family, then the children of these two couples will be double first cousins to one another!. (There are several in my family on my mother's side)
Half-siblings share only one parent!. So, if one of John's parents and one of Mary's parents are half-siblings, then John and Mary are half-first cousins!. The half-sibling of each of their respective parents would be their half-aunt or half-uncle but these terms, although technically specific, are rarely used in practice!. Children of half-first cousins are half-second cousins to each other and so on because they would share only one common great-grandparent out of eight instead of two!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Technically, it's first cousin, but in reality, it would be a half-sibling/cousin, where a father made you with your mother, and made your half-sibling/cousin with her sister!.

It could get weirder by our taboo standards, but that would be a 1st removed situation!. Or a child of you and your half-sibling/cousin!. Or something of that sort!.

And yes, my documents show that my brother and first cousins are also my 6th and 9th cousins, and that holds true for my mother and aunt (but once removed)!. It was acceptable for first and second cousins to marry in the 1600s and 1700's, and some of them did!.

And none of us have six fingers!.

Most genealogist's don't belabor the fact, but all genealogy kinship reports can figure it out!. Such a union will report multiple relationships amongst individuals ad infinitum, as long as people keep breeding!. Therefore, chances are that we are --- as you say --- cousins, but genealogy requires documentation as evidence!.

Excuse me now, suddenly I have suffered a mind-pretzel and my head hurts!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

First cousin!. Then your first cousins' children are your first cousins once removed!. Children of first cousins are second cousins to each other!.
The removes come in when you are in a different generation coming down from a common ancestor!. A lot of people do not take into consideration the removes and they mistakenly go back 1st, 2nd, 3rd without the removes!.

See the chart below


Yes as Mollyfla said, double first cousins are the closest cousins!. Just to give you an example to show that this is NOT inbreeding at all!.
Eg!. Jon Smith marries Jane White and his brother Ted Smith marries Janes sister Sue White!. (Names are fictional !) and their kids are cousins twice over !Www@QuestionHome@Com

The closest is a "double" first cousin!. This happens when your dad's brother marries your mom's sister!. This makes you and your 1st cousins related on both sides of the family!. It's a little weird but it happens!.Www@QuestionHome@Com