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Question: DNA Testing to prove ancestry!?
Can DNA testing uncover or prove that my Father's paternal Grandmother was an American Indian!? If so, Could it indicate which Tribe!?

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No!. DNA testing can not tell you a tribe!.

Low/first level testing can tell you if your family descended from an ancient NA ancestor 40,000-60,000 years ago!. (approximately $300)

If you are one of the people with Native American X2 mt DNA (less than 3% of NA population):

A higher level testing may tell you if you are a descendant of the Algonquin or Deni (linguistic) groups (approximately $500+)

Both groups are comprised of many Nations!. Each Nation has many tribes!.

For any other NA mt DNA the test only identifies an ancient NA ancestor!.

Everyone is saying the same thing!.

No, DNA testing will not give you what you are looking for!.

Male DNA is passed down through the males
Female DNA is passed down through the females

Your father's paternal grandmother’s DNA will not show up in YOUR or your father’s DNA!.

If your father’s great grandfather was Native American then it would show up in your DNA!.

Native American mt DNA (female) markers are (A,B,C,D and X2)

You will see in the map, if you have any of those markers (other than X2), you could have a Native American ancestor anywhere in North, Central or South America (or in Asia)

Human Ancestral Origin

Technically no, and I am not sure how you would go about gaining a sample of her DNA, unless she was still alive!. Your Fathers mtDNA who be his Mothers, Mothers, Mothers -and- his Y-Chrom would be his Fathers, Fathers, Fathers!.

A direct sample of the Paternal Grandmother - would give you an understanding of the maternal deep ancestry and could show a trace amount of Native American if, and only if she had say a great-grand mother who was of NA ancestry!.
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There is a company that will use your Autosomal DNA to give you your top 20 Match Liikelihood Indices with population groups throughout the world and they include American Indian!. They will not tell you that you are 1/2 of something, 1/4 of something else and 1/4 of another something else!. They won't specifically identify any one thing as coming from your father's paternsl grandmother!. The only way they can identify any one thing coming from either of your parents is for them to have one of your parent's DNA!.

The company is http://www!.DNAtribes!.com

When you go into their website there is a way you can email them and ask questions!.

You get genes 50-50 from both parents and they are made up of DNA!. However, you don't get your DNA 50-50 from both parents!. It is a toss up how you get it or any of your siblings!.



I asked DNATribes if my sister with whom I share both parents had the same Autosomal Test and they advised:

"Two siblings will each obtain unique results!. Family members do typically share some regional or ethnic genetic affiliations, but in some cases matches can vary substantially between siblings!."

Your Autosomal DNA really defines your breakdown of who you are!. Y & Mitochondrial are a tiny part of Autosomal that determines your sex!. Since they go back in a straight line virtually unchanged they are good tool for people in genealogy who want to match themselves with another's family tree!. However, they are totally useless in giving a person an understanding of their regional ethnic background!. One company that only does Y & Mitochondrial advertises they will help you "discover your deep ancestral roots," but it is your deep ancestral roots in 2 lines only and you come from a myriad of lines!. They will assign you to a Haplogroup based on your Y or Mitochondrial DNA and show you the origin of your nomadic ancestor for thousands of years!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Yes it can and it depends on the capabilities of the test, it gets more expensive but if you get a DNA sample from a tribesperson then yes!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Yes, DNA testing does prove Native American ancestry,,but the % of blood Quantum from those Grandparents to your self will be quiet low and almost always be to less to enroll with most NATIONS in North America!.Www@QuestionHome@Com