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Question: What do you think of me!? PS-Am I multiracial!?
I am of Greek, Spanish, and English descent!. My mother has Spanish && Greek in her!. My father has English in him!. Am I multiracial!? And what do you think of Greek descended people!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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First of all you're multiethnic (an individual whose ancestors come from different ethnicities) rather than multiracial since Greece, Spain, and England are all European countries!. Jay Leno, for instance, would be considered multiethnic since his mother is Scottish and his dad Italian!.

Barack Obama, Cher, and Tiger Woods are multiracial!. Barack Obama's mother was an American of European descent while his dad was from Sub-Saharan Africa (Kenya)!. Ordinarily, individuals are judged to be multiracial if their ancestry mixes two or more of the above rather large groups: Europeans, Asians, Sub-Saharan Africans, and Native Americans!.

That said, a close friend who is Greek made me some very tasty baklava for Christmas!. In return, I took her out to dinner since my ethnic group invented hospital food, moon pies, and fried Mars bars!. "My Big, Fat Greek Wedding" has also replaced "Sleepless in Seattle" as my favorite chick-flick!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

All of those people are considered caucasian and I come from a variety of backgrounds and just call myself a Pedigree American Mutt!.

I was born with skin cancer type pigmentation, red hair, blue eyes and according to my Autosomal analysis my top affiliation is with the Aegean, followed by the Mediterranean, then Northwestern European, North Africa(that ancestry is considered caucasian!. I had some match with the Moroccan population of Belgium), Eastern Europe and the Levantine!. My primary Match Likelihood Index was with Tuscany which I understood, but the next top 3 were Greece and that one was a complete surprise!. I understand a lot of descendants from an ancestor in Ireland and a particular marriage has had that breakdown!. The Likelihood Index factors were well over 40,000 and My Tribe Scores were extremely high 0!.95 for Tuscany and 0!.98 for the 3 Greek ones!. Tribes Scores indicate your MLI score's percentile in the population!. My next indicator was Northern Ireland which made sense, my father had ancestors from both ends of Ireland but my maternal grandmother had some from Northern Ireland also!. That is where my father and I get our pigmentation, no doubt!.

I sent the report to a cousin of mine and she came back and said, "it is all Greek to me!."

There are some people with an ignorant redneck mentality both north as well as south who don't think of southern Europeans as Caucasians!. Somehow, a person must be Anglo Saxon or some Northern European extraction!. Your Greek ancestors were civilized while theirs were painting their faces blue and worshipping trees!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Multi-racial would be if your father and mother were of different races; the three are African, Asian and European!. You are multinational, but your heritage is 100% European, unless one of your English ancestors brought home a wife from Hong Kong or Nairobi!.

The Greeks invented democracy, drama, literature, science and rhetoric!. Our civilization rests on the foundations they built!. Their descendants are to lamb and rosemary what Rembrandt was to oil and canvas!. What's not to love about them!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

I am proud of all my ancestors, if I were from Greek people, that would be fine with me, we are whatever we are!.

It sounds sensible to say you are multiracial with so many countries involved, but if you are, we all are--that's how genealogy works!. I believe multiracial is not really used in that sense in these days!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

well i wouldnt consider you multiracial, since those three are usually considered white, instead of individual races!. but the greek and the spanish make you more exotic!.!. still white but exotic!. and i think greek people have gorgeous eyesWww@QuestionHome@Com

we are all multi racial-go back a few generations and you will be surprisedWww@QuestionHome@Com

thats not a question thats an interruptionWww@QuestionHome@Com