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Question: What can you tell me about the Lambroughton family!?
I am doing my family tree but have gotten stalled around 1801!.

I have found a reference to a Robert and Thomas Lamrochtoune in the Register of the Great Seal in 1538!. (There are several different spellings including the simplified, Lamberton!.)

Robert is still a family name!.

I have been using the IGI at my local library, Register House in Edinburgh and the Scotlands People web site!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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You can also use the IGI by picking a specific place here:


On the family search site I found several births and marriages in the 18th century and the earliest was in 1696!. They all seem to be from Kilmaurs, Ayr, Scotland!.

There's also some info on the Lambroughton here:

Good luck with your research!.Www@QuestionHome@Com