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Question: Admiral Robert Blake 1599 - 1657!? Anyone!?
Right, calling upon all you history buffs!.

Does anyone know anything about that bloke!? I wikipedia'd him, but the stuff on that bored me!.
Any little bits of info, on his life, or anything about him would be much appreciated!. Or anywhere i can find anything out about him!.!.!.!. (No websites - they all throw huge walls of text at me, which i CANNOT be bothered to read!.)

And no - this is not homework, its personal research!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
Not only was he an Admiral, but a General, too!.
Admiral/General Robert Blake
Birth: Aug 1599 ,Bridgewater, Somerset,England
Death: 17 Aug 1657 ,Plymouth, Devon,England
He was one of 13 children born to Humphrey Blake ( 1563-1625)
& Sarah Williams (1575-1638)!. Of these 13 children, 3 pairs of sons were given the same first name: George Blake was born/died in 1604; George 2nd was born in 1606; Edward was born/died in 1611, Edward 2nd was born/died in 1613; and Benjamin was born/died in 1612 while Benjamin 2nd was born in 1614 and lived to 1689!.

Appointed a "general at sea" (1649), he embarked on a brilliant naval career in his middle age!. In the winter of 1656-57 he blockaded the Spanish coast and sank the Spanish fleet at Santa Cruz!. Made a member of the council of state in 1651, he helped to develop the effective Commonwealth navy!.
In July 1657, the dying man (Admiral Robert Blake) was allowed to return home!. His one wish was to set foot on English soil once more!. Though his ship the George was diverted to Plymouth, the old man was not to get his wish!. He died as his ship entered Plymouth Sound, issuing instructions to help his comrades left tossing off the coast of Spain!. His body was embalmed and carried on his newphew's ship to Greenwich to lie in state!. From here it was taken up the Thames to London for a grand state funeral and buried in King Henry VII's Chapel in Westminster Abbey amongst the great and good of the Commonwealth, only to be disinterred with them after the Restoration!. (They were all put in an unmarked trench next door in the courtyard of St Margarets Church)!.
He never married and was uneasy in the presence of women!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Try the Blake Museum!. The Museum is in Blake Street!. Once at the Museum you can buy the Official Guide Book to Bridgwater, it has a street map at the back!.

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