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Question: How do I get a birth certificate on a person, when they did not document the birth!?
My aunt was born 59 years ago, they did not think she was going to live!. So, they did not document her birth!. And the doctor has passed away, so has any family doctors!. Sisters,were the only witnesses to the birth!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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If your aunt was not originally issued a birth certificate, her children or nearest surviving relatives first of all need to establish their "power of attorney" if she cannot participate in her own legal affairs!.

If no birth certificate exists, a delayed birth certificate may be issued by the county (or state) where she was born!. Your aunt's family will need to provide several pieces of evidence to document her age!. These could include

---an affidavit signed by older relatives
---voter registration records
---a family Bible entry
---an early insurance policy
---a driver's license

Both my parents were born at home, my dad in 1920 and my mom in 1925!. In order to be issued delayed birth certificates, in each case, an older sibling affirmed that they were born at a particular place and date; for example, my dad was born in Frost, Navarro County, Texas, on 31 January 1920!. My dad's surviving brother was five years older than he was at the time my dad was born, and my mother's surviving brother was ten years older than she was!. Judging by my parents' experiences, there shouldn't be any trouble obtaining a birth certificate for your aunt!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

The 2nd answer is the most descriptive of the process!. I won't repeat the details listed!. Call the Register of Deeds for your county!. They will tell you the exact documentation required!. In fact, most counties now list this information on their websites!.

She will have to go to the courthouse & fill out the paperwork!. The clerks will submit the paperwork to archives in your state's capitol!. Most states are backlogged, so the wait can be from 30 days to 3 months!. The office will tell you their practice!.!.!.whether you call to check the status of the certificate or they call you when it arrives in their office!. The document will remain on file as a part of public record & she will get a certified copy which is her legal birth certificate!. It does look different from the certificate of live birth because it is gathered from different sources!. It is called a delayed certificate of birth and the fee is more than that of a regular birth certificate due to the extra work involved!.

You do not need a power of attorney to obtain this or file it!. Legally, she is eligible to get this herself as are immediate relatives: siblings, spouse, children, parents!. All that needs to be presented when getting the birth certificate once it is ready is a legally recognized form of ID!. There is a another short form to fill out to obtain the certified copy (some counties have you complete this step when u fill out the paperwork in the beginning & some don't)!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

In MA, we got an 'after the fact' birth certificate from our Town Hall!. We were able to document the existence of our child, and had early doctor's records!.

Ask at your town's Clerk's Office!.Www@QuestionHome@Com