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Question: Changing my surname help!?
Hello, i need you're advice please!.
I am 18 and an orphan!. My father passed away when i was 8 and i don't know where my mother is nor do i want to know!.
Basically, my dads sister my auntie raised me and we all carry my fathers surname (meaning her kids and everything)!.
I don't want that surname anymore!.
I have been burnt by the cruelty that exists in the home in which i live in now (my aunties) and as horrible as it sound i am ashamed that they are my family, its difficult for me to explain everything to you!.
All my life i have felt lost, i want to get away from this past and live my life to the best, i deserve this happiness i have endured a lot in my life i dont know where i belong, within this year i am hoping to move out and as i wanted to ask !.!.

do you think my reason to change my surname is a justifiable one!? i want a new start i know you're probably going to say to me it's my choice but opinions are welcome!. thankyou xoxoWww@QuestionHome@Com

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I came from an abusive family but throughout my time there I always said that there would come a time when I would leave!. When you are young, my friend, days seem forever when they are miserable and you want to extirpate yourself from it immediately!. I always told myself that none of it would last forever and that I did not need to rush my departure by running away for life would put situations before me that would cause my departure!. I never regretted that!. Had I run away, I would have been living on the street!. There are a lot of bad families out there my friend but ultimately you write your own book!. A last name might seem negative to you now but you have the power to make it positive!. I don't think that you need to get a new last name!. What you need is to take the one you have and make it into something positive!. It is easy to be negative when people who may or may not have meant well and are family have treated you badly; but to take the pieces and assemble them into something positive is the key to a new you and I for one am sure that you can do it!. --Steven SillsWww@QuestionHome@Com

I worked with a fellow whose family was abusive!. He didn't, but his brother changed his name for the same reason you have!. I think your reason is eminently justified!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

If you're British you are legally old enough to change your name, but if you're American you may need to wait until your 21!.

If you wish to change your name you should do so, BUT READ STEVEN SILL's comments!. He seems to have gone through an ordeal similar to your own and come through it stronger!. It isn't the surname which makes you what you are!. It is what you get out of life!.

Follow Stevens advice and make your name positive!. Don't let circumstance shackle you to hate!. Maybe there is a famous person who shares your surname!. A scientist, a political activist, a writer or sports person!. Charles Dickens spent part of his childhood in Debtors prison with his family!. Nowadays he is a highly respected and revered writer!. He used his experiences in his books!. He created positive out or negative!.

Whatever you do, may good luck and success always find you!.Www@QuestionHome@Com