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Question: I keep heaaring different things about ancestors help!?
Ok well I here like millions of different stories and I just want to get it cleared Im hearing from one person that Lord can put our parents ancestors in us and Lord can put our own ancestors in us to mix in with our parents ancestors so like if a kids parent is white and another is mexican and that kid take their parents genes and some ppl would say the lord can put your own type of ancestor in you like black so he would be black white and mexican but the parents aren't black and then im hearing you an only have your parents ancestors from what they are and like another example the mom could be brazilian and the daddy would be Puerto Rican and then they would say that god gave the kid other ancestors that his parents didnt have but they would have their parents ancestors to mixed in with other ones whats the real story!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Your mother and dad's genetic inheritance combines to make you a totally unique individual: You inherit one-half your mom's DNA and one-half your dad's!. For example, if you are nearsighted and wear glasses, you have inherited that genetic trait from one or both of your parents!. Sometimes a genetic trait, such as curly hair, skips generations, but somewhere back in time, you share that characteristic with an ancestor!.

You are also influenced by your environment, which includes
1) what happens at home when you are growing up,
2) formal schooling, religious instruction, and personal philosophies that contribute to your personality!.
This process, in turn, happens for better or worse for everyone on the planet!.

As far as your ethnicity goes, you can't come out what your parents didn't put into the mix at the moment of your conception!. The only relative anyone gets to choose is a husband or wife!.

At any rate, take this for the gospel truth, the Lord likes diversity!.

P!. S!. -- If you want to know for sure about your ancestry, look into having your DNA tested!. Be forewarned, however, that such testing can only place your ancestry into rather broad categories, such as Northern European, Southern European, Asian, Middle Eastern, Sub-Saharan African, and Native American!. also, one DNA test is performed on women to obtain their mother's mitochondria DNA, and another test is performed on men!. Accordingly, you will need to put the outcomes from several tests together to get a relatively complete idea of your ancestry!. Sorenson Molecular Genealogical Foundation of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, (www!.smgf!.org) will perform this analysis free of charge provided you agree to their terms, which include providing a paper trail of your ancestry back until you reach ancestry born before 1850 or were born outside the United States!. My kit arrived in the mail earlier this week, so I plan to send back a sample in the next few days!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

You can only have what you are born with, nothing extra thrown in!.
If your mom is Puerto Rican and dad Brazilian, then you are that and whatever your mom's parents were and their parents, and their parents, and then same with your dad's side!.
God doesn't throw something extra in!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

We are all the product of our blood ancestors, mixed and blended, but a person unto ourselves, no outsiders allowed!.

God doesn't mix us up with different heritages, colors or genes, we do that all by ourselves, it is called sex and has been around since this old world began!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

This is more a religious question!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

The Lord only intervened with human reproduction once, when he caused Jesus to be born of a virgin, Mary!. The rest of the time He lets nature take its course!. You should talk with your minster or priest!. It would take a remarkably perverse Lord to make a Swedish couple's baby come out looking like a Chinese or a Cherokee!.

If, for instance, a Mexican couple adopt a black baby, they may make up a story to hide the adoption from the child!. It sounds to me like that might be what happened!. If you are old enough to know the truth about Santa Claus, you are old enough to know the truth about your biological parents!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

If I am understanding you correctly, YOUR ancestors and those of your parents are one and the same!. The Lord doesn't "put your ancestors in you", it is their genes/genetic background!.
For instance, if your great-grandfather was black, you would be 1/8 black because it reduces by half by each generation!. It would be the same with any other race in your ethnic background!. The only way you can find out what percentage of each you have is by a DNA test!.
Every human is the sum of all his/her parts--aka ancestors--so if you have ancestors who are black, Brazilian (or Portuguese, since that is the language spoken there), Puerto Rican (Hispanic), white, etc!. then you have a certain percentage of this background as well!. You get so much from each parent's genetic/ethnic background because you are a descendant from all your ancestors!.Www@QuestionHome@Com