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Question: If both sides of my family have native America "blood" in them does that mean I'm NA too!?
how do I find out what tribes I belong to!? family won't talk about it like their inbaressed or something!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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The common way is not through literal "blood" tests (or dna, genetic tests)!.!. but through genealogy!. Meaning, to use credible records to find exactly who your ancestors were!. In fact!.!. if you wanted to apply for tribal enrollment!.!. they don't accept dna tests!.
If both mom and dad have NA ancestry!.!.then, yes!.!. you do too!. Your ancestors are their ancestors, by 1/2!. In other words!.!. if one grandparent was full NA!.!. their children would be 1/2, and grandchildren 1/4th!. For both sides, then you find the fractions!.!.and add them!.
You start with the same research as anyone!. www!.rootsweb!.com has a good tutorial (see their front page) to explain how to use records!.!.and some places where they are found!. ALONG THE WAY, you identify the ancestors!.!.and with their records, look for an association to a tribe!.
You will look for EXACT PERSONS!. Not surnames, since one Smith might have Native ancestry, and the other one, does not!. You want YOUR ancestor, and his/her info!.
Something to remember!.!. you don't find living persons online, in general!. The first part of research where you interact with living family can be tricky, since emotions are involved!. Native Americans were subjected to much stigma and discrimination, and sometimes this emotion "carries down"!.
also, we understand you are new to the process!. Along the way, terms take on more definition, and that is normal!. No hostility meant!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Unfortunately, most Native Americans are not registered!. But you might get lucky and have had your Grandparents or Grandparents registered!. also unfortunately each tribe keeps it's own records!. And if you have the misfortune of being Cherokee they have three different sets of records!. Hopefully you are not like me I can't trace mine because my Mother was adopted by a W!.A!.S!.P!. family so I have no chance of finding anything!. Because as I said the Cherokee keep three different sets of records and I would have to know which one my Grandmother was a part of in order to get them to help me!. So start with your grandparent and go backwards until you find a record that states tribal lineage!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

just have you blood Typed!. It won't tell you what Indian type it is!. But you will have to do some Research around the time the Indians were on certain lands!. Then call up the Tribes Counsel and they will help you out in anything you would need to know!.

There are federally recognized tribes, state recognized tribes, and numerous surviving Indian communities throughout the Eastern United States!.

Remember that some tribes enroll strictly through the mother's side and some tribes enroll strictly through the father's side!. Blood quantum ties in with enrollment!. Some require that you be half and some just require a decendency from someone on the rolls!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

You can have your blood type taken by your doctor and then classified into genetic groups!. If you find that your blood type is indicative of being a Native American, that should be something to take pride in!.
There are also companies that will do genetic testing for you which can trace the male lineage of your family line!. You might try contacting Ancestry!.com on the internet!. Enjoy the search!Www@QuestionHome@Com

If at least one of your grand parents was native american, you can get registered with NA services in Okmulgee, Oklahoma!.
This could entitle you to health care and possible scholarship funding!.
Custer had it coming!Www@QuestionHome@Com


great geneology website helped me trace my fam back to 1700Www@QuestionHome@Com