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Question: Where do I go to have the fathers name removed from birth certificate!?
Had a DNA test done, proved the man on birth certificate is not the father!. Had my child's last name changed to mine!. What papers and where do I go to have this done in Indiana!? also, do I have to have the man on certificate sign off on this, as I did in the name change!. I would prefer not to involve him, gives me a hard time on changing things with my son!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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When you changed your son's name, you could have included a motion to remove the other man from his birth certificate!. The Secretary of State or Secretary of Health in Indiana is the keeper of the birth certificate!. They will only amend it with a court order!. So you have to petition the court to amend the birth certificate on the basis of the DNA test!. Without a court order, they won't make any changes to the certificate!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

You should go to your local jurisdiction, the courthouse and show proof of the DNA test results and you may have to pay a nominal fee (that will be worth the expense)!. Since the person you thought was his father is not the father, his signature may not be necessary!. For confusion-sake you probably should let your son's last name remain the same as yours even if you should marry or find out the real father!. The reason I say so is because I've gone through this myself!. My daughter's father wanted her to have his last name so we named her Rachel Marie Hall-Baugh!. We finally married and dropped Hall from her name!. Later, we divorced and her father wanted nothing to do with her, so now her name is Rachel Marie Hall!. It keeps down confusion of having to explain why mother and child have different last names!.Www@QuestionHome@Com