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Question: Help on Getting My Heritage!?
I am adopted, but I know who my biological father is!. I am going to college very soon, and I know that American Indians can get a huge sum in college scholarships!. I have been told by my mom that my biological father is 1/2 American Indian, which would make me 1/4, qualifying me for American Indian heritage!. I do not, however, have this down on paper, or in writing form what so ever!. I was wondering, how do I get this, without contacting him directly!? Do I need a lawyer!? How does it work!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
In order to qualify for higher education opportunities reserved for American Indians you must be an enrolled member of a US Federally Recognized Tribe!. Since you were adopted you must 1) Prove the person you believe to be your biological father really is your father, 2) Get proof that your father is enrolled in a US Federally Recognized Tribe, 3) Contact that tribe directly to find out if you qualify for enrollment!. There is no way you can become enrolled unless your biological father is included on your birth certificate and he is an enrolled tribal member of a federally recognized tribe himself!.

Regarding the 'huge sum in college scholarships,' the scholarships are competitive with only the top American Indian students receiving funding!. If you are enrolled in a tribe, your tribe may or may not have money to assist you!. It is way overblown that Native people get free college and money for college educations!. Yes, those opportunities do exist but they are not, by any means, easy to acquire!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

You'll need to find out 1) if in fact he actually is Indian 2) what tribe he came from and 3) whether or not he is a fully registered member of that tribe!. Your next step after that would be to locate documentation that he is your biological father!.Www@QuestionHome@Com