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Question: Coat Of Arms and Scottish Clan Crest Making Software!?
I'm looking to find some software to run off of my computer to make the Scottish Young Coat of Arms and the Clan Young Crest Badge!. Some of the Coat of Arms that I have seen for the family of Young are all different!. Some have different shields, some have different colors!. I would like to make my own for my own personal use only, or to give away to other Young's!. Thank you!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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See the link regarding Bothwell coats of arms and it will give you a good understanding of the rules of Scottish heraldry


Coats of arms do not belong to surnames and actually they don't belong to families but are granted to an individual man!. Peddlers selling coats of arms on the internet, at shopping malls,
in airports, in magazines etc if what they sell is valid and if you used the one they sell, you would be guilty of usurping another person's identity!. In Scotland you can get in big time trouble for that!. People who display those little walnut plaques are doing just that!.

You can design your own coat of arms but if you are an American there is no way you can keep another from using it, usurping your identity!. We have no laws regarding heraldry!.

There are clan badges and we have Evelyn S that is our resident Scottish expert and maybe she can help!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Thanks, Shirley T!.* for the Texas-sized compliment, but I couldn't find "Young" in my Robert Bain's "The Clans and Tartans of Scotland" (1968), which is where I usually look up these things!. I did come across a web site, http://clanyoung!.tripod!.com/ , and if this clan is like most clans (or at least their affiliates in the United States), they have a clan genealogist in their group who clan members can consult about their family history, which would presumably include the authenticity of the clan badge and tartan!.

Furthermore, at a lot of Highland Games, most clan tents have books available whereby anyone inquiring can access information about different clans and septs!. Indeed, I have even seen family history buffs sent to numerous tents around the games until they came up with the necessary information!.
*Shirley like myself is from Texas!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

There are English, German, and Scottish families (and others) with the surname Young, and some in these families had coats of arms -- but all their arms are different!.

The Scottish Clan Young coat of arms is for use by the clan chief!. There are branches of the family who used different arms, and in Scotland they "differenced" each descendent's arms so they would be unique!. http://clanyoung!.tripod!.com/articles/arm!.!.!.

The Clan Young badge can be used by members of the clan!. If you join the clan society, and you are a Scottish Young, then you too can use the badge!. http://www!.clanyoung!.info/

The best quality copies for the clan badge are available online!. There are some good cafepress stores that offer cards and stationary with the Young badge!.Www@QuestionHome@Com