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Question: What Nationality is the last name Fraser!?
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Fraser is ordinarily a Scottish surname, although some Jewish-Americans also have taken this last name because it sounds similar to a Yiddish name!.

The earliest recorded forms of the surname come from the mid-12th century (de Fresel, de Friselle, and de Freseliere) and appear to be Norman, but no place in France corresponds to them, so they might represent an Anglo-Norman scribe's mangling of a Gaelic name!.

New York Passenger Lists reveal the (self-reported) place of origin of all entering Frasers:
Scotland 796
England 322
Ireland 145
Great Britain 90
Germany 43
Scotland; Great Britain 21

According to the 1891 Scottish Census, most Frasers lived in Invernesshire, Lanarkshire, and Aberdeenshire!. The surname appears in Robert Bain's "The Clans and Tartans of Scotland" as "Fraser of Lovat" (p!. 102)!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Its Scottish, its very common around the area of Stirling!.Www@QuestionHome@Com