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Question: Does anyone know the ancestors or family tree of Sydney Webb and/or Beatrice (nee Potter) Webb!?
I am seeking genealogical information on Sydney and Beatrice Webb!. Who their family members were, preferably ancestors of them!. And any information on the other Webb's in the family too!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Sidney James WEBB
Birth:13 July 1859, Cranbourn St!. Leicester Sq!. , London
Death: 13 OCT 1947
Married: 23 July 1892 , , England
Martha Beatrice Potter (Parents: Richard POTTER & Lawrencina HEYWORTH)
Birth: 22 JAN 1858 ; Standish House, Gloucestershire
Death: 30 APRIL 1943

Sidney's Occupation 1929:
1st Baron Passfield of Passfield Corner
Was Founder of Fabian Society
1943: Awarded Order of Merit by Churchill government !. He was 84!.

1861 England Census
Name: Beatrice Potter
Age: 3
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1858
Relation: Daughter
Father's Name: Richard
Mother's Name: Lawrencena
Gender: Female
Where born: Moreton Vallence, Gloucestershire, England
Civil Parish: Moreton Valence
County/Island: Gloucestershire
Country: England
Registration district: Wheatenhurst
Sub registration district: Haresfield
ED, institution, or vessel: 9
Household Members: Name Age
Richard Potter 43
Lawrencena Potter 32 (Birth: 1810)
Lawrencena Potter 15
Catherine Potter 14
Mary E Potter 12
Georgina Potter 10
Blanche Potter 9
Theresa Potter 8
Margaret H Potter 6
Beatrice Potter 3
Margaret Bider 36 ( Governess )
Martha Baker 31 ( Governess--or Nanny) )
Charles Mills 40 (Brother)
Martha Mills 43 (Housekeeper)
Sophia Smith 36 (Niece)
Caroline Holder 25 (Houseman )
Mary A Peglar 21( Houseman--butler!?)
Maria Smith 10 ( Housemaid--child labor!?!?)
Eliza Preece 15 (Kitchen Maid)
(NOTE: there were 3 other people listed, but were only visitors or boarders at the time the census was taken!. Since not a part of the family or employed by the family, I did not add their names)

Martha Beatrice Potter
Birth: 2 JAN 1858 in England (Gloucestershire, Standish, Standish House)
Death: 30 APR 1943
( Cousin of Charles Booth )
Married: 1892 to
Sidney Webb , Baron Passfield
Birth: 13 MAY 1859 in England (London)
Death: 13 OCT 1947

Kate Potter!.--sister to Beatrice
Father, Richard Potter , was President of the Grand Truck Railway of Canada, & Chairman of Great Western Railways (1817-1892)!.

Generation No!. 2--GRANDPARENTS, Beatrice:
Richard Potter was born 1778, and died JUL 1842!. Title: MP (Wigan) !.
Wife unknown!.

http://worldconnect!.rootsweb!.ancestry!.co!.!.!. goes back to Generation 4, her GREAT-GREAT GRANDPARENTS:
John Potter was born 1691 in England (Yorks, Wighill), and died 1758!.
Rebecca Thackeray was born 6 OCT 1696 in England (Yorks, Cowthorpe), and died 1762!.

(I didn't see any children listed for Sidney and Beatrice, however!.)Www@QuestionHome@Com

I've found some additional information to add to the excellent work done by Jan!. Beatrice Potter Webb's family and their connections form a Who's Who of the British socialist movement from its beginning until the mid-20th century! Hyperlinks in http://www!.thepeerage!.com give a very detailed history of the Potter family!.

Influencial Fabian Society member Sidney James Webb (1859-1943) was born in London, the son of an accountant, Charles Webb, and his wife, Elizabeth Mary Stacey, daughter of a Benjamin Stacey, but Webb had the good fortune to marry extremely well!. Sidney and Beatrice Webb are known for co-authoring "The History of Trade Unionism" (1894), which often makes history and sociology university reading lists!. They also founded the London School of Economics in 1895 with money left to the Fabian Society, which he joined within three months of its founding, as well as the periodical "The New Statesman"!. The Webbs' names are often coupled with playwright George Bernard Shaw, who was also an early Fabian!.

Sidney Webb served as a Labour MP first for Deptford and then Seaham!. Under Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald's first Labour government he was President of the Board of Trade, and under MacDonald's second cabinet, he was Secretary of State for the Colonies and then Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs!. When he was created Baron Passfield, Beatrice refused to be called Lady Passfield!.

Martha Beatrice Potter (1858-1943), born at Standish House, Moreton, Valence, Gloucestershire, was the eighth daughter of Richard Potter (1817-1882), a wealthy railroad entrepreneur from Mancester, and Lawrencina Heyworth (1821-1882), the daughter of a Liverpool merchant and railroad tycoon, Lawrence Heyworth, and Elizabeth Aked, and the granddaughter of Richard Potter (1778-1842), a radical MP from Wigan, who was a native of Yorkshire, and Mary Seddon!.

Richard was the son of John Potter of Yorkshire (1778-1802) and Anne Hartley!. His father in turn was another John Potter of Yorkshire (1691-1751) who married Anne Spence!. After Beatrice's romantic friendship with Joseph Chamberlain ended, she was introduced to Webb!. The couple married in 1892!.

Beatrice was a cousin of Charles Booth (1840-1916), a philanthropist and author of "Life and Labour of the People of London"!. Beatrice's nephew, Labour MP Sir Stafford Cripps (1889-1952), served as British ambassador to Moscow during World War II and Chancellor of the Exchequer under Clement Attlee!. Niece Barbara Drake was a prominent trade unionist, and niece Katherine "Kitty" Dobbs was married to journalist Malcolm Muggeridge, who was critical of the Webb's support of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin!. Kitty was the daughter of Beatrice's younger sister, Rosalind!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

It helps a great deal if you can give some idea of the places and years you are looking at when you ask a question like that, there have probably been hundreds of people with those names, you need to give some clues where to look!.Www@QuestionHome@Com