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Question: Where can i go to find information of where my last name originated from!?
i want to know where my ancestors came from!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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yeah house of names is a site that trys to piece everything together from 1266 if it is an english surname orgin of course german and so forth!. The best way is to look for the root of the surname word and trace back your ancestry as far back as you can and look for changes on the way back!. try about and look for root surname word like english italian german so forthWww@QuestionHome@Com

The origin of your name is not always a good indication of your ancestry!. also you have to understand something, if you go back to your 6xgreat grandparents that is 9 generations including yourself, only 8 of those people will have your family surname unless there was another marriage in the family to someone else with your surname!.

The only way to know your ancestry is to trace it starting with yourself and working back one generation at a time!. Anytime you want to do this, there are lots of good people on this board that can give you some great tips and advice and will be around to help if you run into a brickwall!. Just ask!.

Edit: House of Names is a surname product peddler!. They sell coats of arms(misnomer family crest) like they belong to everyone with the same surname and they don't!. If what you see is a valid coat of arms, that coat of arms belongs to one individual man!. What is bad is a family history comes with them and that family history will not necessarily be the same family history of everyone with that surname!. People have been misled in starting their family history because of peddlers of surname products!.Www@QuestionHome@Com