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Question: Do you know anyone with the last name Guditus!?
I'm trying to find someone!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Russell Lahutsky
Russell Lahutsky, 71, of Bethlehem Township, died Wednesday in the St!. Luke Hospital, Fountain Hill, Bethlehem!. He was the husband of the late Helen (Guditus) Lahutsky!.


Gudáitis - "In regards to the surname meaning of Gudáitis!. In a library book I found that the name Gudaitis meant 'White Russian'!.
My great-grandfather, Charles Gudáitis, came to this country about 1891!. Another brother, Joseph Gudáitis, arrived shortly thereafter!. They lived in Schuylkill Co!. PA!. This is as far back as I have gotten to date!. I will soon begin searching passenger lists!.
The spelling of my surname has remained constant!. However, I have seen many other spellings in phone books!. GUDITUS, GUDITIS, GODITUS, etc!. I have not found a relation among them!.
I was shocked a few years ago when I saw a Roman Gudáitis mentioned in a 'Time' magazine article!. This was when Lithuania was regaining it's independence from the former Soviet Union!. Roman was a member of the new government!. I think he was a spokesman for the new leadership!. I wish I knew more about him!. God speed!.!.!."
Patrick Gudáitis, Forest Park, GA!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

The name is very rare in the census!.
Have you tried looking at the white pages!?Www@QuestionHome@Com


no one at all!.!. sryWww@QuestionHome@Com