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Question: How can I find this out, if I can!?
I think that my legal male guardian might not be my real father!. He is not on my birth certificate and won't agree to take a DNA test!. My mother will not say anything on the topic!. Is there any way I can find out if he is my biological father or not, other than a DNA test, of course!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Sorry, but unless one of them tell you the truth a dna test is probably the only way!. You can't get one done because of just doubting he is your father, and someone would have to pay for it!.

Is he a good dad!? Lots of people out here don't have one at all, unless he is a bad guy, I wouldn't question too much--it may hurt your mother, too!. Maybe when you are older they will tell you the truth, and it may turn out that he is your dad, just wasn't included on b!.c!. for some reason!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Sounds like my case!. I think the informant (usually the mother) can give any name they want as the father on the birth certificate!. The mother usually has to have medical ID with her name on it to have the baby in the hospital so the mother's name is usually correct!. I have a made up name on mine, another on my 2nd birth certificate which my mother got by showing my school records, etc in my city - the name I went by since I entered school!. No papers were needed then -you just bought the kid to school & said, "this is so & so" -no papers need then!.

Do you have a copy of your birth certificate!? or your baptismal certificate!? can you ask any relatives who your father is !? My mother lied to me all my life and when I was older & rebelled at her lack of info, she just up & walked out & refused!. I wish I had pressured her sisters, etc but they were afraid to tell me anything!. Like it would change my life at that point! Anyway, she died at 95 with all her secrets & all her family had died without telling me anything!. Do everything you can now to get as much info as possible!. You may need to know for medical reasons!. I tracked down my father (from a picture !) & got a copy of his death certificate & unfortunately, it was the same thing that my husband died of & can be passed on; so now my boys have to be dilligent because it's on both sides!. Try & reason with your mom - tell her it won't make any difference in your relationship with her and your guardian ; but it is very important for you for health reasons, etc!. Be calm & beg her (I wish I had done that)!. I feel for you!. Other than DNA testing I don't know of any other way except from an eyewittness' report!. You can get DNA from hair, a tooth brush, etc!. But you have to pay for it and it's not cheap!. If you're a minor - you won't be able to unless you become a ward of the court & you don't want to do that!. I wish I could help you more -I really do!.Www@QuestionHome@Com