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Question: Question About the DNA tests!?
When someone does a DNA test!.!.!.like traces through their mothers side and say the result is for example: 80% sub-saharan,10% East indian,10% european!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.

does the percentage mean that a certain amount of that persons ancestors where of say european decent - 10%!.


does it refer to how far back a persons ancestor was!.!.!.!.say they had a father who was half east indian, half european!.!.!.!.!.and a mum who was black - does it mean their 25% east indian!.!.!.!.25% european and 50% black!?!?

can someone explain this to me please!.

thanks for ur time!.


Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
No!. What most companies use is your Y & Mitochondrial which represents a teeny weeny part of your total ancestry!.

Y goes from father to son only!. In other words back to your father and his father and his father nd his father!.

Mitochondrial goes from mother to both sons and daughters but only the daughters pass it on to their children!. It will go back to your mother and her mother and her mother etc!.

Since they both go back in a straight line virtually unchanged, they can be helpful for someone involved in family history in helping them match themselves with another's family tree!.

However, for a person to get any type of breakdown of their regional/ethnic DNA they are a waste of money!. Right off the bat they will leave out your maternal grandfather and your paternal grandmother!.

If you get back to your 6xgreat grandparents, that is 9 generations including yourself, you are directly descended from 510 individuals!. It pyramids as you go back!. Of those 510, you get your Mitochondrial DNA from only 8 and in addition if you are a male you get your Y DNA from only 8 leaving out 494 people!.

Go back to your 7xgreat grandparents, that is 10 generations including yourself, you are directly desdended from 1012 people!. Only 9 each would have your Y & Mitochondrial leaving out 994 people!.

One company that only uses Y & Mitochondrial advertise that they will help you "discover your deep ancestral roots," but understand it is your deep ancestral roots in only 2 lines and you come from a myriad of lines!. They will assign you to a Haplogroup based on your DNA and show you the origin of your nomadic ancestors going back thousands or years!. I feel like their advertisement is misleading!.

Your Total DNA is Autosomal!. It represents your total genetic pattern!. All your genes are made up of DNA!. There is a company that will take your Autosomal DNA and will match you with population groups throughout the world!.
They will not tell you that you are 1/2 of something, 1/4 of something else and again 1/4 of another something else!. They will give you your Match Likelihood Index with your top 20 groups!. Understand, there are no pure nationalites and no pure races or ethnicities!. The same DNA crosses national, racial and ethnic boundaries!.


If you go into their website, there is a way you can email them and ask questions!. There is a company in the U!.K!. that does Autosomal testing for regiona/ethnic affiliation!. I don't know what it is but hopefully someone will see your question and my reply that knows what it is!.

Now, I found out we don't get our Autosomal from our parents 50-50!. It is a toss up on how it will land in each child!.


I asked DNA tribes if my sister with whom I share both parents had the same Autosomal test and they stated!.

"Two siblings will each obtain unique results!. Family members do typically share some regional or ethnic genetic affiliations, but in some cases matches can vary substantially between siblings!."

FamilyTreeDNA does do Autosomal testing!. They did mine but they would not give me an analysis!. I had to send the results I got from them to DNATribes!. I think at one time they did!.

Some of these companies that only do Y & Mitochondrial want to argue with you!. I had one person stated Autosomal is only useful for someone who is "biracial!." They didn't explain and I didn't press any further about what they meant about "biracial!." Normally people use that expression for someone of caucausian and non caucasian ancestry!. If that is what the meant they are full of bull corn!. With that type of dishonest I wouldn't want to deal with them at all!. A lot of Americans like me come from plethora of backgrounds across Europe!. Even in the countries of Europe there is a mixture of people and we are just curious about our genetic identity!. That's all!.

Therefore if you are not involved in family history and you just want to get an idea of your regional/ethnic affiliation, don't use FamilyTreeDNA, Ancestry!.Com, National Geographic program!. You will only get an analysis of your Y & Mitochondrial with them which like I stated represents a teeny weeny part of your ancestry!.


Here is a DNA site that may answer your questions
they specialize in DNA for genealogy!. They even have a DNA forum

also, go here (http://en!.wikipedia!.org/wiki/Genealogica!.!.!. and look under the heading "Biogeographical ancestry" It explains the different kinds of percentages!.

The percentages you are asking about probably indicates the percentage of probability that your ancestors were from a certain location or race!. You need to know more about the kind of test that was done!.

Hope this helps someWww@QuestionHome@Com

DNA tests will go back to adam and eve almost depends i heard about the company u use for testing!. Whatever the most dominate trait is is the one that will show up most, of course most Americans are muts, so there is always going to be at least a 50% chance European or Eastern European, and whatever else they can trace it to!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

No!. The only thing DNA does is prove that you DIDN'T murder your teacher and the last 19 years you spent in prison were a mistakeWww@QuestionHome@Com