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Question: Are most people our 11th cousins through multiple lines of descent!? !?
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Many, not most!. 11th cousins share 10th great grandparents, which, at 30 years a generation average, means they were born 300 years ago for the 10th GGP plus another 30 each for grandparents and parents, so 360 years or 1648!.

If your ancestry is the "Northern European" many of us in the USA share - German, Scotch, Irish, English, French, BeNeLux - chances are you have quite a few 11th cousins who are also "Northern European"!.

1648 is a long time ago, but outside of Hawaii there are not a lot of Asian/European marriages, so your chances of having a Chinese or Japanese 11th cousin are slim!. (Again, if you are "NE"; if you are Chinese, you will have millions of Chinese cousins!.)

People tend to marry within their religion, too, so if you are a Protestant, Catholic or Jew, most of your cousins will be too!. (also Hindu or Sikh!.)

If you are white and your ancestors owned slaves,there is a real good chance you have some black cousins!. If you are an African American, there is a real good chance you have some white cousins!. The same would hold true in any country that had slavery, like Brazil!. Most African Africans don't have white cousins!.

Italians and other Mediterranean people didn't come to the USA in large numbers until the late 1800's!. If you are Italian-American, or Greek-American you probably have some first through third cousins who are not, but you are probably not related to most of the people in the US who have German/English/etc!. "Northern European" lines!.

If you are still in Italy or Greece, most of your cousins will be Italian or Greek!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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