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Question: Do you think it would be okay to put an image from the 1911 UK census on my public tree at Ancestry!?
Seeing I've just paid three pounds something for it I thought it would be good to put the census form as an image so that people searching the same family could see it!. Would that breech copyright though!? And if it did is anyone likely to care!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
UK census forms are all Crown Copyright so it would be illegal to reproduce them on the web without permission!.

You could try asking for permission, but I think it would be refused!.

Would anyone care!? If the National Archives came across the reproduction they would care (they are obliged to under their 'public service' remit), and would probably ask you to remove the image immediately!. Although suing you for breach of copyright would be within their rights, I don't think they would take the matter to court!. But they could!.

To spare you that potential, why don't you simply transcribe the information from the census form, and publish that, instead of the image!. That way, people searching the same family will still benefit from your research!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Perhaps you could just transcribe the information into the notes sections!.

Otherwise have you got an offline tree!? The software that supports these is called Family Tree Maker, and I find it really useful!.I have every piece of information on my offline tree, and only share the basic information on my ancestry and Genes Reunited trees, so that nobody can rip me off, or stalk my family! The software also supports photos and documents to be added to individuals!.

I strongly recommend investing in it!. I found it in a sale section at my local "Game" shop!. But you can try Amazon, I know they're normally quite cheap on there!. I bought the "Who Do You Think You Are" 2006 version for £5!.00Www@QuestionHome@Com

mmm well if its your family i think you have a right to the information and if you are worried about it look into the small print but i don't think that they can do much about it!. if you copied the contents of the whole thing than thats an wrong but a couple people is fine i believe!.Www@QuestionHome@Com