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Question: In PAF 5!.2, is there a way to show when cousins are married!?
I found out that my great-great-great-great-great-great-gran!.!.!. were first cousins (what gives!?)!. Therefore, I have to list the each of the grandparents that they have in common twice as different people!. Is there a way to "merge" the set of grandparents they share so that (1) I don't have to maintain multiple records on individuals and (2) it shows correctly in my pedigree!?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I've had this in my PAF!. It's a pain unless you know they were married cousins when you enter them, but you can delete and backtrack!. If you enter them as separate individuals it will always read them as separate people!.

First enter one spouse, let's say David as a child of his parents or a parent of his children!. Then enter his spouse/cousin, let's say Jane, the same way!. Then click to enter David's spouse!. Instead of selecting "enter new individual" you want to select the option that says "select from individual list"!. From the individual list you want to select Jane!.

Doing it any other way will result in having 2 records for the same person or people!.

The relationship calculator will now see them as married and won't necessarily alert you that they are also cousins!. It won't change the shape of the pedigree reports, but it will show the same name and information (DOB, DOD, POB, POD, RIN#, etc!.) so it should be pretty obvious it's the same person!.

As far as what gives, depending on the era and region this happened a lot!. It's not nearly as uncommon as we'd like to think!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

There is no need to list anyone two times in the file!. You don't list grandparents (as such), you list them as parents to their children!. In other words!.!.!. gr pa and gr ma have children, who are entered as their children!. The siblings then have their children, and are listed as such!. You now create the marriage event for the (grandchildren) who married each other!. You have no need to identify that they are cousins!.!.!. that is what the program shows when it displays the pedigrees!. It should print the grandparent names in the proper location (as parents of the siblings)!.!.!. but there should be nothing further to have to add as "duplicate records"!.
They are in the file!. You only add the marriage event for the persons who married!.
And btw!.!.!. it is not unheard of that there are cousin marriages, especially in colonial times!. In some localities!.!. population was so sparse!.!.that that was the selection!. People then were not so aware of possible issues of inheirited genetics!. Unless there is a particular illness that has later shown up, don't let it freak you out!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I have the same problem!. Couldn't find a way to merge!.
What u can do enstead is delete the one and then re-add the great great great grandparent only this time you don't just add!. Most programs have a way of searching your tree name list to include the relationship from your own family list!. on mine, you hit add parent
then in a corner there is option of either creating new or searching for already existing person from the tree!.
Hope it helps!.Www@QuestionHome@Com