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Question: What are some of the most common requirements to get into a ballet academy!.!.!?
I'm doing a research paper on ballet and one of the things that I was assigned to find was how hard it is/would be to be accepted into a ballet acacdemy!. So far I have not been able to find anything anywhere about it, so I was just wondering if anyone here might possibly know!.

Please help!

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I think I should be able to answer this one for you!. I go to SAB (School of American Ballet!.) Getting into a prestigious ballet academy is different depending on your age!. At my school when you are very young, you are accepted solely on your body!. You must have great turnout, feet with high arches and loose but strong Achilles tendons!. You must also have a slim body type if you are a girl with a short torso and long legs!. Each year they weed out dancers and send them home if they don't live up to the hopes of the school!.
If you try to be accepted when you are older aside from having a ballet body, you must also dance well!. At my school, they look for a Balanchine body!. That is a very thin childlike body for girls!. For guys it is a lot easier! They are open to more of a variety of body types!.
I think it is pretty similar for other ballet academies!. Some are not as specific in terms of body type, and will except a wider range as long as you have great turnout, feet, loose but strong Achilles tendons, and great facility and a great line!.

So, if you are very young and born with a perfect ballet body it is pretty easy to get into a ballet academy like SAB, The Royal Ballet school and the Paris Opera Ballet school!. The hard part is being able to stay and not being asked to leave as you get older!.

If you are talking about a school like The Harid in FL!., that is a high school/ ballet academy!. You must already dance really well plus have a great body to get in there!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

by a "ballet academy" do you mean your local dance studio, a big named pre-professional program (like ABT), or a dance company (like the ABT company)!?
for the local dance studio- usually, nothing! these places hav eno prerequisites!.
for the pre-professional program, it depends!. if you are talking about the lower children's levels, there could be a small audition, or not!. at the higher levels, prior dance knowledge is a must, and there is the occasional audition!.
for dance companies, you really get down to the wire!. competition is tough, and you have to have excellent ballet technique, a flawless ballet-body (ex good feet with high arches), and occasionally, connections- the dance world is not free from politics!.
hope this helps!Www@QuestionHome@Com