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Question: What to bring what to bring!?
I am going on a trip to atlanta for a dance convention!. I need cute dance outfits, more urban kind of thing!.!.!.and i don't want to forget to pack something!!!

so this is what i need from you:

Cute dance outfits (more urbanish)
A cute outfit for the showcase (regular clothes not dance)
any little things i should bring that i might forget
and cool sleepover party stuff (im rooming with my favorite dance teachers and my 4 best dance friends and we have a party every year and about 6 other dancers from other rooms come)

please help me!.!.any suggestions are appreciated!!!!!!!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
Hmmm!.!.!. For the sleepover stuff, I'd make sure that I had adorable pajamas, and slippers, my favorite are the knit kind!. Sweat pants are great- cute, fitted ones though, bring a cute stuffed animal that people can say: "Oh that's so cute!" about!. Bring a couple of magazines, maybe Pointe Magazine, a 17, or some fun magazines to look at!. For the dance end of it, I'd make sure I brought 2 or 3 nice, pretty leotards, legwarmers, my favorite warm ups, those mesh tights that are different colors, maybe some tank tops or other dancerish, fitted clothes!. I'm not sure about what to wear for the showcase!. I'd have to hear the music and see the choreography!. I'd DEFINITELY bring my i-pod!. :) anything to calm me down!. It's a comfort thing!. Make sure you know some fun games to play with everyone, besides truth-or-dare & would-you-rather, maybe even a cute, fun board game!. Bring your dance shoes, idk if you're ballet, if you are, bring those pointe shoes! Pick up some cute chinese take out boxes w/ patterns on them from a craft store, and put in little favors like chocolate, lip gloss, nail polish, some lotion of shower gel, headbands, cute pointe shoe key chains, party favors, confetti%2Www@QuestionHome@Com

what kind of dance is it!?

but for mor urban dance things, i would pack!.!.!.

-a few tank tops
-a few more baggy V-Neck shirts, like the ones from american apparel!.
-a "party" shirt
- baggy sweatpants
-nike shoes (dunks are the best)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Remember Your UNDERWEAR :)
Maybe Some Games or something!.
Spin The Bottle :)Www@QuestionHome@Com