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Question: Is it wrong to want something so much that will probably never happen!?
I have this crazy dream!.!.!.and I have such a feeling that it'll never happen, but I cry thinking about how much I want this!. I would die just to live it for one day!. Yes, I could go to college for it and maybe get hired, but even that's unlikely!.

For one, I weigh too much (12 pounds too much) to even be considered for a company and I'm oddly shaped as my hips and thighs are disproportionate to my bust (as in I'm a pear shape)!. And even though I take classes 4 times a week and on a team for 7 hours a week, I'm still not near the level I need to be at!.

also, my parents truly don't think it's a real career for me, and that I should settle for an engineer or pharmacist, but I'd die before choosing those as a life-long commitment!.

I just want it so badly! I have two friends that are in love, and they say how they can't describe what it feels like to care about something so much, but I understand how words can't describe how much they love another being, but I understand! I just!.!.!.need this!. It's the only time when I truly feel happy!. During the day I'm just!.!.!.okay!. But, when I think about my dream!.!.!.I float!.!.!.away from everything!.

I just feel that I'm not talented enough or skilled enough to achieve it, so I'm just asking!.!.!.

!.!.!.should I give up my dream!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.!.!. DON'T GIVE UP YOUR DREAM! if it is your dream then u follow it! u can do it and i know you can! u will make it! u keep trying! who cares what others say because this if YOUR dream! not theirs! u r talented! the more u think it the more talented u will become!

No one ever said u had to be a perfect weight to dance! the dance world is tough but 12 pounds more is nothing! u have a good body to dance! you have a good body and be proud of it!

listen to your heart! if u want this then u go and get it! don't hold back! it might be hard to get it but u will get it! u might hit a few rocks on the path their but u put those behind and go back out and get it! u can do it! i know u can and i don't want u 2 get discouraged! u follow it until u achieve that dream! the more u dream then u become one step closer to the dream!

i believe in u sooo much! i want to be a dancer to!. by mom says i am to fat for it and not graceful!. she says i need a better shape and i am not graceful, i put that behind me because she is wrong! my dance teacher said i am good and other people have to and that's all that matters to me! i want u to get it! i believe in u and i am here for you!. u may mess up but that was yesterday and it wont come back!

i would hate if u would quit! a dream is a dream and they are meant to achieve!. my mom wanted to be a singer!. she never followed with and now she regreats it!. she is always told she has a nice voice but now it is to late!.

your dream is not to late! u have time which is a great gift! now u the gift of time and your gift of dancing! use them until that dream comes!. still use them even when u get that dream!. dreams are a beautiful thing! they are what u want and u will always know that YOU can achieve it! and u can do it when u set you heart ,soul, mind and body to it! follow with it forever and ever!

now go show the worls hwat you are made of! show them your strong talent of dancing! when u have talent like u do u show it! dont cry! everything will be alright!. :) i understand why u can be upset but i dont want u to be!. i want u to fell happy and glad with your gift of dancing! :) dont fell upset ever! you have a long time to grab that dream!. and ever secong u do better and out your mind to it you are one step closer to grabing it and having it with you!. now dance for ever and ever until you touch the sky and have that dream! :)

if u need some support feel free to email me at BrightandBlonde@yahoo!.com

P!.S!. if it sounds like i am yelling im not!. imagain i am using a soft sweet voice because that is how i am saying it in my head!. a soft sweet voice :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

The only thing standing in your way is you!. You are simply too full of "I can't!." Unless you change your attitude, you will never realize your dreams!.

You never did say what it is you want to do!. If you end up not doing that, maybe you could at least end up working in that industry in a different capacity!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Never give up on your dreams!!! You are what you choose to be! Did Obama give up on his dream even though the odds were stacked against him!? No!. So anything is possible!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I felt the same way about photography and I am now 27 and didn't chase my dream!. In one respect I'm sad I didn't but on the other hand I know I can still take photographs, just as you can dance whether it's on a stage or not!. Do what you love no matter what it takes!. It can be your profession but just because you love it more than anything doesnt mean it HAS to be your profession!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

No! You should never ever give up a dream like that!.

I am not completely sure what your dream is, I guess it's a sort of dancing, but I can tell that it is something you really want!. I know how you feel, and I would never give up my dream!.
I want to act and nobody seems to think it's a good lifetime career choice!. But no matter what they say, I will never change my mind!. You shouldn't give up you dream just because of a few small things!.
Every time something makes me feel as if following my dream is dumb and I should quit because I'm not that great at it, I try to stop and think that I would hate those boring careers that are my other options and it might take forever for me to accomplish it, but I know that when I do, it will be extremely rewarding!. You should try to think the same!. It really does help!.Www@QuestionHome@Com