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Question: I need helping finding songs for some dances!?
I am looking for some great songs for advance point dance, advance ballet dance, advance jazz 18 and older, and a performance dance in heels for young girls around age 9Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
for advanced pointe dance: esmeralda variation (you can go check it out on youtibe they have alot of different versions!.!. it's a really head strong dance, alot of oomph!.!. haha)
for advanced jazz: don't you worry 'bout a thing by: stevie wonder
for girls dance age 9: love me or leave me by: nina simone!.!.
NOTE: THE LAST TWO SONGS I DANCED BEFORE!.!.!. well hope this helps!! and remember! to keep on dancing!! :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

look up on itunes maybe for the ballet, just to look around for classical songs!.

for the 9 yr olds maybe some ali and aj(like whoa) ashley tisdale(he said she said)

for the jazz maybe beyonce (single ladies), christina aguilera (super *****), the bird and the bee(i hate camera), blue october (razorblade), brittney spears (circus), brooke valentine (taste of this), cherish (killa), danity cane (damaged)Www@QuestionHome@Com