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Question: My dream is to become a dance teacher!. Any tips!?
I took ballet when I was 4 and 5, quit because I was tired of the uncomfortable tights and secretly practiced what I learned at home until I was 8!. I had decided I was tired of pretending I didn't like dancing just because of some stupid tights, so I went back and took Ballet/Tap!. After that year was done I decided those tights were just too much for me!. I got tired of dancing in my room all day, but their was no way I was doing ballet again, so I took some kind of hip hop class!. It was last year, I believe, and I am currently 14 years old!. My mom put me in a class at a really great studio and she said it was a teen class, but I swear when I walked in the oldest person besides me and the teachers was an 8 year old looking girl!. I was towering than the teachers! I don't know if maybe I'm just too sensitive about my height, but I really felt singled out!. I was singled out in a good way, everyone cheered me on and parents told my mom that I dance better than their child who had been there for years, but I just didn't feel right, and my mom understood completely, and so I backed out again!.

I want to become more flexible
I want to acheive better coordination
I want to be the best dancer I can possibly be!!! :D

I'm a freshman in texas, so give me any advise that you have whether it be over classes I should take, how to acheive my goals, dancing tips that I should remember, or If you want to lecture me on my tendency to give up because of little things that's fine too, :D if you're a dance instructor, EVEN BETTER TELL ME EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Being a good dancer and being a good dance teacher aren't always the same thing, so I'll talk more about teaching!.

In order to be a dance teacher, you need to know how to dance!. This means taking classes regularly and practicing!. Not just practicing once a week, but every day or five times a week!. You need to reach a certain level before you can even start thinking about teaching!.

If you want to be able to teach people how to dance, think about dancing while you're practicing!. Things like, if you have a problem and then fix it, how did you fix it!? Describe in words how the motion is supposed to feel when it's done properly, then describe some of the different ways people might mess it up!. A lot of dancers know this sort of thing, but then they can't actually say it, which makes them lousy at teaching!. also, try to figure out from your own dancing and watching others what makes someone good and what makes someone!.!.!. not so good!.

Pay attention in class, all the time!. Don't just listen to your corrections!. Watch the other dancers and see what they're good at and what they're not!. Listen when the teacher praises them and gives them corrections!.

also, take different sorts of classes!. Take jazz or lyrical or musical theater, because they can be fun, but they also help you become comfortable with your body!. Take stretching classes for sure: yoga, pilates, general workout classes, whatever!. Dancers are always on the lookout for new stretches, and this is the biggest thing that can help you be a successful teacher: if a stretch or exercise isn't working for someone and you can recommend one that will, that is the greatest thing!.

Once you've settled into a school, tell your teacher that you're interested in teaching!. See if you can be an assistant teacher for some of the younger beginners!. The really young ones don't need an expert, they need someone who's familiar with dance to teach them how to move and to babysit them and make sure they don't eat the furniture, which you could help with!. If you're good with that, once you have more experience, slowly work your way up the ages and levels!. If you want to get some practice, once you're 18, offer to teach a class at the local community center!.

As far as being a better dancer, practice as often as you can!. It's really what you need!. Don't worry about the other kids in your classes or about the costumes or about what the teachers think of you, because there's a downside to every dance class!. Every single one has something wrong with it, and it's easy to let the negatives drive you away (it's happened to me)!. Just focus on the dancing!. Stretch often!. Do your exercises!. Do crunches and plank pose every day, because there is no type of dance that looks good with bad posture!. Care for your feet and legs and ankles, because you'll need them!. Get comfortable hanging out with kids, because if you're awkward around them, you can't teach them!.

Another thing I recommend is look into getting CPR certified and getting some basic training in emergency medicine!. It's not urgent for you right now, but when you're teaching, you should know how to deal with basic injuries!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Well i would just say practice a lot, do splits and stuff while your watching tv, hold your splits/ stretches for a whole commercial this helps a lot!. also if you don't understand something in class ask the teacher if you can stay after and work on the dance!. If you don't feel comfortable in your dance class and you feel like you need a challenge ask your teacher if you can move up a level!. I have been dancing forever and this is what i do!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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