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Question: What kind of exercise helps improve breakdancing skills!.!?
Im a starter, and im currently practicing the Babyfreeze, hand glide and hand stand!. But my wrist hurts really bad which slow me down from practicing!.
Is there any kind of exercise such as weight lifting position or push ups etc!.
That would help improve!. Especially for the hand stand!.

One more question!. I dont know that one move call!. The one where you go hand stand position and start jumping/bouncing with 1 hand!.

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Even with exercise its going to take time and practice!. The best exercises for breakdancing are the ones that use your own body weight!. Push-ups, Abdomenal Exercises, and Pull-Ups!. I bought The Perfect Pushup things!. They strengthen your wrists because your putting weight on them while holding on to the handles!. I also bought the Iron Gym recently!. Its a pull-up bar that clips onto your door frame(if you dont know what the perfect pushup or iron gym is, i would google it cuz they arent expensive and work great!.)For your wrists, you can hold weights and move your wrist forward and backwards!. Handstands just take time!. It took me about 2 or 3 weeks to get as good as I am now!. Im still practicin!. If you do them everyday, your wrist will get used to it, grow stronger!. If you take dumbells or a weight and lift them above your shoulders/back/head, youll gain strength needed to push yourself up!. Eventually youll be strong enough to do vertical pushups!. I cant even do those yet!. Curls with dumbells or a bar are great!. Bench Pressing is good!. But nothing is better than pushups and situps everyday!. I used to do about 500 pushups and 100 sit ups a day!. Remember to stretch alot!. I used to pull muscles all the time!. I stretch more a often now!. Drink plenty of water!. and watch your salt and fat intake!. Good luck man

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It's not about lifting weights or anything, its about making your body becoming use to the stance!. Just practice and push your body through it and if you stick to it you will see how much better you get over timeWww@QuestionHome@Com


its called the handstand jumpWww@QuestionHome@Com