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Question: In dance how can I spin!?
i can already spin on my wooden floor but is there a way i could keep spinning and not get dizzy!?
and how do i keep turning myself!?
and how do i spin on other surfaces!?

thanks xxWww@QuestionHome@Com

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Try spotting, this helps you to keep spinning and stops you from getting dizzy!. but youve got to practice to be able to do it first, dont excpect to do it straight away it takes a lot of practice but the more you practice the quicker you will be able to do it!. do it slowly first, spot somthing on a wall or what i do is if theres a poseter on the wall i look at that, they say you should spot somthingg tiny but its really hard to find and ends up putting you off your spin so the cheat is to spot somthing about the size of your hand, it still works its just a small cheat most proffesionals use and after a while of this you will be able to spot smaller things!. once you think youve got it start speeding up your spin while spotting, this will be quite hard after starting off slowly but you will soon get it if you practice like this!. if you practice at least an hour a day then you should have it within a couple of weeks!. heres a video to help you


The best way to not get dizzy is to practise "spotting"!. All dancers do this!. You focus your eyes on one point and as you turn your body, keep focusing on that one spot, then turn your head round and focus back on the spot before your body turns round!. I hope that makes a bit of sense!.!.!.lol!. If not, heres a link:


when u spin u need to push strongly to keep going!. and to prevent urself from being dizzy u need to spot on every turn then u can do more and more!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

It depends on the kind of turn You are talking about, there are tricks that keep you going for many different kinds of turns!. Axel Turns!? Pirouettes!? Fouette!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

for the dizzy part!.!.!.focus on 1 point and keep looking at it as you turn and only look away unless u have toWww@QuestionHome@Com