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Question: Need help with my switch leaps!?
I can't get my back leg fully extended when I do my switch leaps! I don't have enough time to do it before I hit the ground!. Any tips on how to make my switch leaps better and fix this problem!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Ok so start with a chasse or a few runs (depends on what your studio does) and swing the switching leg foward (make sure you do this with a strong momentum because this is what is giving you the power to leap) and as you bring the swinging leg to the back bring the other leg foward!. You have to think "up" and not "foward" and it really helps you focus on getting higher!. The problem you probably have is that you're not swinging the leg foward hard enough so you dont have enough power to kick it back!. also stretch your arabesque and practice it in the center to help strenghten it to help it stay up there when you switch leap!. Good luck!!!!!

for scissor leaps first practice going across the floor

start in a chasse like your gonna do a regular leap
with leg that goes in front throw it infront of you
then quickly throw that same leg to the back while the
other leg stays under you it will help get the feeling of throwing your legs quickly!. do both sides and to get higher use more plie!.
hope it helps/!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

make sure that the only time either of your legs bend, is when you prepare for the actual leap!. when you start out working on them, do a small kick to the front before you kick out so that you have more time to kick backWww@QuestionHome@Com