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Question: What is the Horton technique (dance)!? Which modern dance technique is best!?

I have have taken an intro to modern dance class at my school and love it and now dance as a hobby!. However, I am now trying to figure out how I can further my skills and would like to continue modern and/or contemporary dancing!. However, there are so many styles of modern that I have no idea which kind to take (Horton, Graham, Dunham, Merce Cunningham, and Contemporary/Post modern!?!?!?!!?)

Can someone tell me which technique is the best to take for modern!? I was going to take an intro to horton class but had reservations!. I would like to learn dance to express free movement to see how I feel fit, but I need to learn technique first!!.

also can someone tell me the difference between all these techniques (Graham, Horton, Dunham, Cunningham), and the difference between contemporary, modern, and postmodern as well!?

I need an answer asap as the horton class is tomorrow!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Graham ( one of the oldest styles) is the most difficult of all the modern techniques and is usually studied after you have learned another technique first or if you have had a lot of ballet!. Dunham is African dance based!. Cunningham is kind of an angular non-dance dancing (in my opinion) that has it's roots in Graham!.
You forgot Limon!. I love both Jose Limon technique and Horton too!. Ether of these are great to start with!. Horton is like the dancers at Alvin Ailey!. Watch some video to see what this is like!. Limon roots are Isadora Duncan!. Doug Varone Company is Limon based!.

Horton is a great place to start and will give you that freedom of expression you are looking for!. It feels really great on your body to dance!. It is probably the most common taught style of modern!.
Have fun in your Horton class tomorrow!. You made a great choice for a style to start with!

You should start going to modern performances to get an idea of what is out there!. Or if there are none where you live, try seeing some of the videos of different companies!. Other then the ones I have mentioned above, check out Paul Taylor company, Parsons, Complexions, Nathan Trice!. There are just so many! That will give you a good start!.

I answered another question by you and I now see you are in NYC!. Check out the Joyce theater, Symphony space, and the City Center!. You are right in the middle of all of it! Look for the "Fall for Dance" series at City Center in the fall!. They have tickets for only $10!. You can currently see free performances at NYU Tisch (check their website) and Juilliard students too!. Lincoln Center has free performances in the summer outside!. They have had the Graham company, Complexions, Garth Fagan and Stephan Petronio to name a few in the past!.Www@QuestionHome@Com