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Question: Is this a good warm up for stretching !?
is taking a hot shower a good warm up for muscles!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Hot showers or bath definitely help relax your muscles, but it shouldn't be used in place of stretching!. I would recommend taking a shower then doing a quick cardio warmup (jogging in place, jumping jacks, etc!.) followed by some slow stretches on the floor (straddle stretch, pike, butterfly, splits, etc!.!.)!.

And it's always a good idea to stretch after showering when you are preparing for a tryout or performance because it is the ideal time when muscles are at a high elasticity and stretching point!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Uh!.!.!.people say that it helps relax the muscles and makes it easier to stretch but I think it's better to actually warm up!. Do 5 minutes of light jogging or jumping jacks or just some sit ups and push ups!. Then stretch!.

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it will help relieve stress and loosen your muscles but it's not a warm up!. you have to stretch too


it relieve stress and losing your muscles that's all i knowWww@QuestionHome@Com