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Question: Ballet and CRAMP :-(!?
I have just started ballet!.!.!. and my feet have been cramping, especially when I do frappés!.!.!. They cramped so much today in class that I actually had to stop doing frappés :-(

My calf muscles are quite strong because I do other sports!.!.like running, and have done lots more in the past!. I always wear leg warmers too so my muscles stay warm!.

I usually drink alot of water, minimum 2L's per day, but I hadn't had any right before class!.

Any advice!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Your calves may be strong, but I doubt they are in balance with your other muscles in the way that a ballerina's need to be; because ballet turnout uses small long muscles and under-uses the larger bulky muscles!. We get cramps in muscles other people don't even know about -- and I feel for you!.

Make sure that your diet includes sufficient sodium (not usually a problem unless you are on a ketogenic diet or are eating solely health foods), sufficient potassium -- which IS usually a problem: eat bananas and take a supplement, and calcium -- at least 500mg supplement a day, better more as it will also help stave off osteoporosis in latter years!.

When you do get a cramp, pull gently on your toes in the same direction that the cramp is pulling!. The muscle contraction is re-triggering itself by its own tightness: if you can take the strain by pulling it may let the muscle slack off and break the cycle!. Then rub the muscle out with gentle shallow strokes!. Massage more deeply later in the bath when the muscle is relaxed and warm!. If you have a massage therapist, he can show you the direction to strip the toxins out of the muscle!. Always stretch thoroughly and warm up thoroughly before class!.

You may still have the occasional cramp, but good nutrition and good warm-ups should help!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

You might be a deficient in calcium!. A deficiency will cause you to suffer cramps in muscle areas you use a lot!.

Some folks will tell you that you should get more potassium - this is NOT correct!. Be sure you get dairy foods in your diet and even taking a calcium supplement is fine!. Good LuckWww@QuestionHome@Com

make sure you stretch your calf muscles before!.!.!. maybe get one of those stretchy bands !.

e mail if you need more info about the stretchy bands ;)Www@QuestionHome@Com