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Question: Has anybody done the Young Americans Workshop!?
Has anybody done it!? Or is in the young americans troupe!? They are coming to our school soon and I just wanted some more info on them!. also 2 are staying at my house!! :-S :-):-(Www@QuestionHome@Com

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The Young Americans is absolutely amazing!. They're all wonderful dancers, musicians, as singers!.!.!.but they're also all super nice!. I took the workshop and had a singing solo!.!.!.there's lots of opportunities to try out for all kinds of solos, but you don't have to!. at the end of the workshop, there's a performance!.!.!.!.you usually learn about 3 or 4 dances and a lot of singing numbers!. you don't have to try out for a solo or anything, but it's really great!. my friend tried out for the young americans troup and made it!.!.!.she had the time of her life!. it's great!Www@QuestionHome@Com