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Question: How do I know if my Pointe shoes are to wide!?
I recently got new pointe shoes!. This is not my first pair and I did have this pair fitted by a professional fitter!. I have danced with them in class and my instructor hasn't said anything about them!. However I noticed when I roll up through my demi there is a slight gap in the sides that was not there in my last pair of shoes!. I'm not sure if this is just because this is a different brand then my old shoes or if they are to big!. My last pair of shoes where Capezios Contemporary and my new ones are grishko elite's!. Any thoughts would be helpful!.

also for those of you who suggest that I just ask my instructor to take a look you can forget about that I am not a beginner Pointe student and "should know better by now"Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
As long as they feel snug around your feet when on flat or on pointe then they probably fit well!. Pointe shoes do differ in fit from different brands and styles!. I wore Contemporas for many years and never had any gapping but I do notice on my students that wear Grishkos that they do tend to gap a little on demi-pointe!. If you're not getting any blisters, and your feet aren't sliding around in them, you should be fine!. As an instructor I always advise my students to keep trying different pointe shoes until they find the "perfect" fit!. Try something else next time, and the next!.!.!.etc!. There are so many different kinds out there now!. And remember, your feet never stop changing shape as a dancer so you may find a pair that works for you for even several years and then all of a sudden they won't feel right any more, go on the search again if that happens!. Good luck and keep dancing!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Do your Elites have drawstrings!? This shoe did not originally come with a drawstring, and that can make the shoe gap when you are on demi-pointe!. If you do have drawstrings, try tightening them a little more!. There will almost always be a little gaping, unless you have elastic drawstrings, which I think can only be found in some Capezio shoes currently!.

The best way to tell if your shoes are too wide is by feel!. Do you feel that your toes sink or slip down when you rise to full pointe!? Do the shoes fit snugly around your metatarsal joints or are they loose!?

As for asking your instructor, if your shoes were too wide, your instructor probably would have approached -you- by now to say that you appear to be sinking in your shoes!. If this is not the case, and you do not feel that you are sinking, and you shoes feel snug and supportive, the width is fine!.Www@QuestionHome@Com