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Question: What are some things that can help me get down in the splits!?
I am really close on my right and left leg splits, but just regular stretching doesn't seem to work!. And if i wanted to see real improvement in my side splits, how should i stretch, and how often should i stretch!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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if your super close sit or what you can
sit in the splits during you favorite tv show
and only let up and take a break during the commercials

it really does help and fast but before you do that
stretch properly k dont hurt yourself now!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Pick a time that you can stretch every day!. Maybe it's right after you wake up, just before you go to bed, right after school/work!. Stretch during this time every day and only give yourself the day off if you are very sick or very hurt!. Even then, try stretching, but taking it easy!.

The best way to get your splits is simply to do the split and hold it for a long time!. My first three years of team (in gymnastics), our coach had us hold each split for three minutes!.

I'm sure that, if you are a dancer, you already know how to do splits, but just in case, this is how I recommend doing them!.

Okay, start by warming up, by jogging in place or doing jumping jacks!. Your muscles will stretch better if they are warm and you're less likely to hurt yourself!. Start stretching your split by kneeling so that you have one knee up and your other resting on the ground!. Start by placing your hands on the knee that is up and lean into the knee, straightening your back leg as you do!. Hold for several seconds!. Then, sit back so that your back leg is bend (so, you're almost sitting on the heel of your back leg) and straighten your front leg!. While you do this, place your hands on either side of your leg and lean forward!. Do these stretches a few times, then slide out into the split!. It's okay if you can't go all the way down yet, just support yourself on your hands, placed on either side of your leg!. Hold this for at least twenty seconds!. If you can hold it for several minutes, that's even better!. Repeat on the other leg!.

Other stretches that might help:

The Butterfly: sit in a straddle position and bring your feet inward until they touch!. Then, slide your feet as close to your pelvis as you can!. Next, without pushing with your hands, lower your legs towards the ground!. Hold this for fifteen to twenty seconds and then shake your legs out!. This is a good one to do before actually doing the splits!.

A Stretch With No Official Name: Sit in a straddle position again!. Lean over towards one leg and try to touch your toes!. Keep your leg straight and on the ground!. If you can touch your toes, work on getting your nose to your knee!. Repeat for the other side!.

Like I said before, the best stretch is just practicing the splits over and over!.Www@QuestionHome@Com