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Question: I been tryna teach myself to belly dance!?
like off of youtube videos, and trying to emulate what I saw the BellyDance Superstars do on two PBS specials that I recorded!. I know it's not much but my efforts are sincere and right now these are the only toosl available to me!.Anyway, I been tryin to master the shimmy!. And it seems like my knees always get confused, like I can't keep them on beat, I keep wanting to go faster and faster until I its not so much a shimmy but its more like im just vibrating my butt flab!. How can I control this movement and keep it smooth and fluid and to a continual rythm, without doing it too slowWww@QuestionHome@Com

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A shimmy is supposed to look like "Meat Shaking On A Bone" There are hundreds of ways to shimmy!. I assume from what you are describing you are doing a "Knee Shimmy"!. The best way to master this move is to sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front and "bounce" each leg up and down (keep your feet on the floor) Just move the knees until you can do each leg 5 minutes!. Right 5 minutes, Left 5 Minutes, Together 5 minutes!. You are mimicking the movement of the shimmy sitting down and strengthening the muscles right above your kneecap!. Once you build up stamina and strength!.!. the same fluidity will happen once you are standing up and doing the move!. Remember when standing keep your knees bent, pelvis tucked and chest lifted!.!.!. relax your lower body and just let it the shimmy flow!.Www@QuestionHome@Com