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Question: Where to buy ballet stuff online!?
I am going onto pointe next month, and was wondering what were some good online shops!? i know about dance destrubitors, but that's just about it! I was also wondering where to purchase bright colorful pointe shoes too! Anything will help! Thanks! :pWww@QuestionHome@Com

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If you're going on pointe for the first time, you should make an effort to get personalized fitting on your first pair!. As you make progress, you will be able to determine your own shoe preferences!. But first time is better to be fitted!.
In case you can't find a local store, then consult first with your instructor for the type/model/strength of shoe she or he thinks is best for you!. And then you might want to try http://www!.dancewearsolutions!.com or http://www!.allaboutdance!.com :D
Good luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Well, there is www!.discountdance!.com!. I buy most of dance leotards, tights and shoes there!. If you're just starting pointe, you need to go see a professional pointe shoe fitter!. Otherwise you'll end up with the wrong shoes which could potentially cause you to become injured!. There are many different kinds of pointe shoes for all different kinds of feet!. If you're just starting out, you may not know how hard your shank will need to be or how tapered the box needs to be!. Only a professional pointe shoe fitter will be able to determine this!. Hope this helps you out! Good luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I like allaboutdance!.com the best!. It has a great selection for great prices!. Grishko pointe shoes come in a variety of colors: white, bubblegum pink, coral, yellow, red, blue, violet, and black!. But get fitted first for pointe shoes by a place that your teacher recommends!. Then when you've bought your first pair, you can order them online!. also, make sure it's okay with your teacher about the colors of your shoes!. In class you should only wear pink ones, the colored shoes are for performances to match your costume or just for fun!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

ummm your pointe shoes should be light pink you cant have like neon green pointe shoes :) have you ever danced before!?!? anyway discountdance!.com is fabulous as well as dancewaresolutions!.com and yumiko leotards are amazing!! good luck! i strongly recomend ouch pouch toe pads (bunheads)Www@QuestionHome@Com


but i really reccomend not buying them online for your first pairWww@QuestionHome@Com