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Question: Giselle Ballet Story!!?
Could you briefly describe what the ballet Giselle is about!. ThanksWww@QuestionHome@Com

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In the first act, Count Alberecht, not wishing to be recogsed, has disguised himself as a peasant and goes to stay in a small village!. He flirts with a young girl called Giselle, and Giselle falls completely in love with him!. Another young man in the village, Halarion, is in love with Giselle!. He is very jealous of Alberecht and also very suspicious!. He warns Giselle against trusting Alberecht, but Giselle refuses to listen and drives Halarion away!. A sounding of horns announces the arrival of a hunting party, Alberecht's fiancee is among them!. They celebrate with a grape harvest!. During these celebrations, Halarion breaks into Alberecht's hut and finds a sword with his true identity engraved on it!. He shows it to Giselle, who doesn't believe him!. But as Alberecht and his fiancee arrive and kiss, it is too much shock for her!. Heartbroken and out of her mind, she dies from madness!. The second act begins in the forest!. Halarion visits Giselle's grave!. As she killed herself she had to be buried in the forest grounds and not in the church graveyard!. Suddenly a host of female spirits come and frighten Halarion away!. They are ghosts of girls engaged to be married but jilted on their wedding day!. At night, they come from their tombs and seek revenge by dancing to death any man they encounter!. Giselle is called from her tomb and welcomed by ghosts, they quickly disappear!. Alberecht comes looking for Giselle's grave!. As the Count grieves at the tombstone, Giselle appears before him!. He cannot believe his eyes!. He begs her forgiveness!. Giselle can see how unhappy he is and forgives him!. Halarion enters pursued by the host of female spirits!. They trap him and sentence him to die!. When he is dead, they surround Alberecht and also sentence him to die!. On bended knees he begs for forgiveness, but they will not listen!. As Alberecht dances, Giselle tries to protect him with her love!. Alberecht dances with Giselle defending him!. As the sun rises, it is clear that Giselle has saved him, but he cannot save her!. He carries her body back to the grave where her soul, released from its earthly ties, rises upto heaven!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

It was first performed in Paris, 1841!.
Giselle is in love with Loys, thinking he is a poor villager like herself!. When she discovers he is, in fact, a nobleman named Albrecht, she goes mad with greif and dies!. She joins the Wilis, the spirits of deserted brides who died before their weddings!. The Wilis almost drive Albrecht to his death, but Giselle saves him!.Www@QuestionHome@Com