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Question: My friend and I need ideas for a dance recital!!?
My friend and I are doing a duet in our dance recital, our original plan was It's Raining Men and we wanted to incorporate a prop so we were going to use an umbrella!. We can't do that now!. So any ideas on what we could do!? We want something older, maybe 80's, but were also opened to mixing something old with something new or more recent!. also we really want a prop, any ideas!? We realllllly need help! Thanks!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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we are family
girls just wanna have fun
jump for my love ( new and old :D)
our lips are sealed

when im any competitions/ recitals and i watch duets go on stage with props i feel it actually distracts from the dancing and it doesnt look as effective
if i were you id keep it simple and just dance!. if you really want a prop hats are always a great prop

good luck :DWww@QuestionHome@Com