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Question: Pointe shoes too wide!?
I just brought Gaynor Minden pointe shoe 10 1/2 medium width, and when i went home i sewd the elastic on the one shoes and forgot that i was supposed to show my instructer, i thought that they seemd wider!. I took them to my teacher and she said it may be my foot, recommended Veronese pointe shoes!. Can i still return my pointe shoes even though i sew the elestic,!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I don't see why not though it really depends on the individual store!. Most stores around here will let you return them if they haven't been worn and danced on!. Although you can take a seam ripper and take the stitches out very carefully and avoid damaging the elastic!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

First off, I and many many dance instructors (at least the well educated ones) would never ever allow Gaynor Minden!. "Why you ask!?" is because Gaynor's do not allow you to role through your demi-pointe intricately; meaning that difficult pointe work will become even more difficult and you could develop feet problems!. Yes there are some professional dancers, like Jillian Murphy, who wear them but they have had years years of experience of tear the shanks and so forth to get it absolutely soft enought to go through their demi-pointe!. For you I would recommend anything but Gaynor Minden or anything with the new heat technology (the pointe shoes you can blow try and shape the shank! their crap I tried them!) Go with the traditional pointe shoe and save yourself the misery!. You should be able to return them, just unstitch the elastics!. If you unstitch the elastic and there are holes and stuff and material fraying they may not allow you to return them, but it doesn't hurt to try!. I also recommend going with your instructor to the store to find a shoe that will fit your needs and your instructors!

Good Luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I am not a fan of Gaynor Minden at all! I personally do not think that they help strength your feet and will cause you to fall behind in your pointe class!. Even tho they are comfortable!. Keep in mind when going for pointe shoes comfort should not be your #1 thought!. My 1st pair of pointe shoes where Capezio Contemporary and I loved them!. I have also tried Bloch and now am dancing in grishko elite and love them! also keep in mind when trying on pointe shoes wear all the padding that you will be wearing when you dance!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

you'd have to take the elastic off obviously and hope that they can't tell!. i would give it a try since they're so expensive!. i don't know anything about veronese pointe shoes so sorry, i can't help you with that!. if you want to continue using gaynor mindens, i recommend you try the narrower ones!. they should be good for you since the medium width was too wide!. you could also try changing your toe pads!.!. that might help!. good luck =]Www@QuestionHome@Com